Capt. George - 10-20-2003 at 04:25 AM

Will start posting some articles I have written in the past...along with our adventures cross country to Baja...Soon as we settle in to Loreto....

New York to Cape Cod to Florida Keys and finally on to life and experiences as a commercial pin hooker and now a "Sport" fisherman...Baja Amigos and now Nomads has been an inspiration to get on with my life!

Tried other sites, but I'm drawn back to my Amigos on Baja Nomads.

Capt. George

David K - 10-20-2003 at 06:49 AM

YAH-HOO!!! Thanks George!

coming soon

Juan - 10-20-2003 at 08:04 AM

Hola Amigo, I'll see you in Loreto. Not as soon as I would like but I will be there before spring.

Your Amigo, Juan


Capt. George - 10-20-2003 at 08:59 AM

Mateo, I will be staying a night or two with a buddy of mine, Tony Shanley. was a prosecutor for SD, now retired.....Lives on North Star Dr., do you know where that is? Maybe we can hook up...

E me home

Juan, I will warm them up for you!

Thank you, David......

Capt. Jorge

LaTijereta - 10-20-2003 at 05:34 PM

If you want books, I have a good "baja" library at the house in Loreto.. You are gong to have penty of time to catch up over the winter when we have those windy days off the water:tumble:
Ann's book though, is the best overall history you can read about Loreto!


Capt. George - 10-21-2003 at 03:42 AM

Always appreciate tips on getting the most of Baja....Wind, wind, wind, the bane of all fishermen! However, it will give us time to get to know our new family of Amigos in Loreto...Deborah and I are looking forward to it.....

adios mi amigos

couple more days.......Capt. George

Bob and Susan - 10-21-2003 at 06:00 AM

We are going to miss your post next week while you are traveling.

Have a safe drive.

If you need help in California contact us we will assist.

Bob and Susan:yes::yes:

Matt - what are your travel plans again?

capt. mike - 10-21-2003 at 06:41 AM

I'm planning a week off - so far its wrapping thanks giving with a side trip to Jimmy's. Thought we might hook up - loreto, mulege or?....

Journey to Loreto

Capt. George - 10-21-2003 at 10:25 AM

Bob & Susan, we will probably be in SD for a couple of days...visit a buddy and get licenses etc. straight....Private message a phone #...are you in the SD area? Will be back on site ASAP!

Capt. Mike, sounds good to way or another....take you fishing in Loreto.....knowing Deborah, by the time bird day rolls around she'll be inviting the birthday same day this year...
Let's celebrate....."39", been that for the past eighteen years....

As ever, I thank you all for your kind words and help to a couple of "Newbies"..

Capt. George