flyfishin Pam

FlyGirl - 10-20-2003 at 02:50 PM

We want to do some surf fishing in addition to going out maybe with Baja Anglers.
Do you know of any places that strictly RENT fly rods OR spinning/casting gear, even if you are not going on a charter?

Gear Rental in CSL

flyfishinPam - 10-22-2003 at 02:03 PM

Try Baja Anglers for fly gear I believe they rent Thomas and Thomas and try Jeff Klassen's for the spinning gear. I'm in Loreto too far away to be of assistance. Good luck.

Surf casting

Capt. George - 10-22-2003 at 03:50 PM

any near us???????????

Capt. George

Surf fishing

flyfishinPam - 10-23-2003 at 01:22 PM

Yeah but its not as good as in other locations such as eastcape or los cabos. Good light tackle action especially late summer through the holiday season. And throughout the winter when the winds cooperate. Right now its very good, there's fish the water is calm and so are the winds.

Surf casting

Capt. George - 10-23-2003 at 04:02 PM

Hi Pam, gonna make a trip over to Abreojos and visit Whistler...some good surf fishing there.....

Read NY to Cape Cod Recolloections, let me know if you like it.....

On the road Saturday.....see you in November...Have the boat permit, licenses and insurance waiting for me in San Diego......adios