"Legends of Loreto"

Skeet/Loreto - 11-6-2003 at 01:55 PM

" Legends of Loreto"
I will do a series on Mpdern day Legends that I have known in Loreto. I would appreciate any information as I will try to get this info into hardbound for my Grandchildren.
Ben Benner
Ben Benner was from Long Beach Ca.He was a great big man who love to fish for Cabrilla. He was very secreative about "His fishing holes" and would only take Alvaro or Aljeio Murillo to fish with home. He also loved to stand up and cast for Yellowtail so after falling out of the Panga a couple of times he proceeded to build a boat just for casting.It was similar to a pontoon boat with a 55 Hp eninrude on each Pontoon. He built this boat in his Uphosterly shop in Long. Beach
He was the first Americano to get a Fido-Commisso and built a house using split Palms as rafters just across the street from the Hotel Oasis.
He would bring his very small Wife Anita and her dog on trips and stay nearly a month each time.

Legends of Loreto

Skeet/Loreto - 11-6-2003 at 02:08 PM

Ed Tabor

Ed Tabor was largly responsible for Loreto to be known as a great Fishing Place,.
Sometime around 1955 Ed Tabor bought an old B-25 took out the Bom racks in the belly and put 6 seats. He then would charge his friends money to go to Loreto and go fishing.
He developed a small landing strip just south of the Villas De Loreto.Business was so good that he made arrangements qnd started fly a DC-3 out of TJ and Mexicali. He built a small resort with rooms and a Bar and was charging $129.00 round trip and 2 days fishing.
The present day Villas De Loreto occupy about one half of the area where stood :The Flying Sportsman.
The old B-25 was wrecked on the small strip and stayed there until about 15 yrs. Ago.
Ed was a two fisted drinker. H tried to extend the operation over to Mag, Bay,got into some financial trouble and lost the Sportsman to the Employees for wages, They in turn sold out the south half which I understand is owned by a group of Attornies from Fresno, Calif..The other half occupied by the Villas.

I would really appreciate anyone with information on Ed. Tabor. even articles out of old newspapers.

Greta Start.

LaTijereta - 11-6-2003 at 03:59 PM

You should get a hold of Gene Kira's book " The Unforgetable Sea of Cortez". It has some great info the Ed Tabor and the Fly'in Sportsman Lodge. The book is based on Ray Cannon's travels through Baja from 1950-1973.
Don't forget to do a short bio on "Colorado", and his funky red "lake" boat.:rolleyes:


Skeet/Loreto - 11-6-2003 at 07:22 PM

Kris: I knew Colorado buy did not know the story of the Boat. Please send it!!!
Thanks Skeet. How do you correctly spell you last name?