chest waders

Anonymous - 11-10-2003 at 04:22 PM

when surf casting with spinning gear or fly gear does anyone ever use chest waders?? sure don't want to bring 'em to Baja if they won't be of any use. I'm guessing you don't always stay dry when surf casting.:?: but I sure don't want to be "overclothed" either.

Jim - 11-10-2003 at 04:57 PM

Using chest waders will depend on where in Baja you plan to fish and what time of year. We spend a lot of time on the upper Sea of Cortez and the water is pretty chilly in the winter. Nevertheless, I rarely use waders.

As summer approaches the water temp climbs into the 70's so it's not bad.

Anonymous - 11-10-2003 at 07:10 PM

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS! sorry about that, will be there jan and feb /'04