Beach Front House south of San Felipe $49,500

CarolPuerticitos - 11-15-2008 at 11:10 AM

Cozy Beach house, up on 20' cliff overlooking beach, easy walk down to beach, large two car garage, with overheight doors, with adequate solar, electric refrigerator, gas stove. Just 45 minutes from San Felipe and 3 minutes from Puerticitos. Access is paved road within aprox. 1/4 of a mile. Hard surface from pavement, easy access for trailer. Square footage is aproxitmately 700sf plus two screened porches (10x18 and 13x 30). Lot size is 66' x 80'. Security is excellent as we have a year round resident, landlord's son is next door. Leased land at $550/year, new lease is done with each new owner. Priced right at $49,500.

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awfulart - 11-15-2008 at 12:24 PM

1. Road access with trailer? 2. Sq footage of living space? 3. Lot size?
4. Any pictures? 5. New lease required? 6. Who is landlord? 7. Security when unoccupied?

Thank you

Udo - 11-15-2008 at 04:27 PM

I second the previous questions!

Steve&Debby - 1-28-2009 at 09:24 PM

Did you ever post any pictures? or do you still have this place for sale?

House No Longer for sale

CarolPuerticitos - 1-30-2009 at 05:25 PM

We decided today not to sell our house, but to remodel. There are several houses for sale in our area. It is beautiful, fairly reasonable still and close to the states! Thanks for the interest. Carol

David K - 1-31-2009 at 08:49 AM

Isn't EVERYTHING for sale, if the price is RIGHT?:rolleyes:

for sale puerticitos

CarolPuerticitos - 1-31-2009 at 02:07 PM

So true, unfortunately!