Posted this a while back

Baja Bernie - 3-20-2009 at 07:18 AM

Noticed a bunch of new folks have been added since I last made any meaningful posts...Decided to post this old poem for them and to show them that there are a number of funny story's hiding in "Baja Looking back."

Thinking of posting my last book here if there is enough interest.

A Burning Land

Burning heat and wind
Silently etch the land
Drawing wrinkles, sketching skin

Man enters here
At his own peril
Sweat turns to dust

Boulders flung violently
Upon the burning sand
Shelter for the snakes and lizards

Hurtful in the middle
Soothing at the edge
Seashore a sparkling smile

Roads going nowhere
To the left right
Straight ahead

Dust, wind and sun
Cactus and Boojums

The destiny of Baja
Itís smiling people
And Rain

Bernie Swaim
March 6, 2003