BajaGringo - 5-4-2009 at 11:25 AM

Go during the week, not weekend.

Go with a local and get the 'local" rate.

Played a month ago and it looked great. In fact we had te course to ourselves and played oceano twice.

Martyman - 5-4-2009 at 01:46 PM

Hey b-gringo;
What are the rates (local and otherwise)? I don't take my clubs because the few courses I've checked out were pricey. I'm a cheapskate!
I do drool when I drive past.

BajaGeoff - 5-4-2009 at 02:35 PM

I think I paid around $85 on a weekday - it was the non-local rate....but that was a few years back. Great course....I drool too when I drive past Bajamar!