The Punta Banda 100 - A Challenge

BajaGordon - 4-15-2010 at 08:29 AM

Anyone up for sailing 100 miles in 4 hours?

On April 13th, I sailed Kwikat for 3 hours and 15 minutes and covered 83 miles on the beach at Punta Banda. Had I known I was that close to completing a hundred miles I would have gone for it. But at the time I was cold and tired.

The winds were unusually good for blasting both ways on the beach. A hugely entertaining day out. Not really a day for doing speed runs, but very fast recreational sailing.

After tea it struck me that I had been on track to cover 100 miles in 4 hours. That is a very fast average speed (for 3+ hours) and my 2nd highest average speed: 25.64 mph. That includes 3 stops to trim the sail and 8 minutes chatting with a bud. Top speed on the day was 35.9 mph.

So then I start wondering if I will be the first to crack 100 miles in a day here--the tide, the wind, your cart and you all have to get it right.

And how would Kwikat perform relative to other landsailers? I am not much of a sailor really, though I have years of beach sailing experience and Punta Banda is my home beach.

This has been and looks to continue being an exceptionally good year for beach sailing in Baja.

I want to invite all you landsailers and windsurfing experts (I could use some sail savvy) to come try the beach at Punta Banda. Bring your Mantas, Blokarts and whatever and join me in bagging a Punta Banda 100.

Having someone to race would make this a lot more entertaining--hard as that is to imagine. I love beach sailing.

bajasammy - 4-15-2010 at 10:22 AM

Sounds like fun. We'll be going to Baja Mama's for Brunch on Sunday, maybe we'll see you streaking by on the Beach!

Next Good Sailing Tides begin April 21

BajaGordon - 4-15-2010 at 11:24 AM


Which isn't to say sailing is impossible, just not on the beach.

I do get a kick out of having an audience...on and off the stage/beach.