Mulege rental Jan-March2015

wetto - 8-23-2014 at 10:11 AM

About me:
Looking in the Mulege area to find and purchase my Baja full time home. I know the area and it's + and -'s. I have been visiting for 30 years off and on.

What I seek is reasonable accommodations for a three month stay to scout the area further. Nothing too plain or fancy would be excluded. 1-2 bed rooms, good kitchen and an area to hang out, read and enjoy a beer or three with old and new friends and my very well behaved and sweet lab.

dates are flexible...and I can always relocate for a portion of this time if the owners wanted to come on down and enjoy their own pad for a while.

I have good gardening skills and would be glad to take charge of any garden/house projects or just puttz around and water / weed. This is almost starting to sound like a house sitting situation. Open to all ideas and suggestions.

please u2u to get my attention.
Lot's of time to get it all together.
Thank You,
Lee Schlendorf

mtnpop - 8-24-2014 at 07:51 AM

You and I had some conversation last Dec about areas in Mulege...
I will send you an email or u2u again with some information that might be a little helpful..
good luck

Mulegena - 8-24-2014 at 09:43 AM

Huerta Don Chano may have an opening then. Write directly to the owner, Manuel Romero. He does read his email and is bi-lingual: Manuel Romero ( .

Other options are various apartments around town. I know of a modest studio next to the welding shop and restaurant El Pelotero right in town. Las Casitas also allows dogs and has weekly and monthly rates. I imagine Hotel Hacienda does also. There's also Las Terrazas and a newer place with kitchen on the back-street behind Ferreteria Yee.

Lots of options. Just come on down.

wetto - 8-25-2014 at 07:56 AM

Yes, this is the type of information I'm looking for and thank you's to those here and u2u with their creative approaches and little known offerings off the main path.
Feel free to keep the info coming. it's still a ways out and all options are very welcome.