Pressure cooking abalone

Bob53 - 1-14-2015 at 12:11 PM

Anyone have a recipe? Just for the record, I am not interested in canning the ab, just preparing an appetizer that is tender and flavorful and not fried.

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Russ - 1-14-2015 at 01:04 PM

Don't ... Don't do that to an abalone. Please you'll just ruin it. Al those canned abs the sale just want to make me cry. Just my thoughts...

Bob53 - 1-14-2015 at 01:43 PM

Doc at BOLA prepared a couple abalones this way last year that were fabulous. Very tender and flavorful. I've pounded and fried them a billion times before but I just feel like preparing them differently.

Tomas Tierra - 1-14-2015 at 02:00 PM

I have boiled them before.. Comes out great, and well preserved for a long shelf life..

3/4 water 1/4 soy sauce.. Lots of salt... whole abalone no guts.. One hour boil. Coat in old bay seasoning while wet fresh out of the boil let cool in the air... Slice thin pieces and enjoy "sea jerky"... will last for weeks.. Re- phrase.. Will stay good for weeks

They have abalone in BOLA???


Bob53 - 1-14-2015 at 02:22 PM

Quote: Originally posted by Tomas Tierra  

They have abalone in BOLA???


No, he brought it down from the pacific side.

capt. mike - 1-16-2015 at 10:54 AM

When we visited Shari and Juan in 2010 they gave us 2 nice cans of Abalone from the cannery. As I recall they were tender right out of the can when we ate them weeks later. Must be the hi temps used in canning to prevent bacteria tenderizes the meat? Anyway they were spectacular. Thanks Shari and Juan hope to be back one day.