New Trip Web Page for the super 2012 trip to the tip...

David K - 8-1-2016 at 08:14 PM

It has been a while since I have made a web page for one of my interesting Baja trips. Now that I found a new way to do it, instead of using a blog service as I did in 2011, I just finished a page for perhaps the best Baja trip that Elizabeth and I did, that included so much, and was spent with time at both Nomads BajaTripper (in La Paz) and Shari (in Bahia Asuncion).

Here is the link: (712= July 2012)

Please review and if you see typos or things that need more clarification, please let me know!

This was taken from the big Nomad trip report of July 2012, with some photo enhancement and editing... plus some 2016 notes on the Gonzaga highway progress.

Next, I will catch up on other trips between 2012 and now, so when you go to they will all be easy to find to help you plan your Baja trip ideas!

Thanks amigos!