Sold --- $22,000, K38s Trailer w Addition Steps to Surf

Baja Todd - 3-25-2017 at 05:30 PM

Welcome to surfer paradise! We are located on the bluff at the famous k-38 surf break, thirty miles from the border, fifteen minutes from Rosarito, and close to shops and restaurants. You can paddle to three or more breaks from our stair access. We are located directly next to Club Marena. After fifty years of enjoyment, we are turning the page on Baja and our beautiful ocean-front trailer with spectacular views. The trailer is more like a small house, with a newer water-tight roof, new paint, and has been generally well maintained. This is a great place for surfers, retirees, families, or anyone who loves the ocean.

This is a trailer park and the owners allow partners, so you could cut costs considerably with partners. The park has been here for more than fifty years and the owners have no intentions of selling the property. We have an electric security gate and our camp is well fortified with fences, so we are very safe.

We are a friendly community of surfers, families, and retirees, and the camp size is about forty trailers, with additions. This park has several younger families with kids and it is a very safe place for children of all ages to play and enjoy the ocean. We have a bluff-side fire pit where we often build bond fires and hangout. The views of the sunsets, surf, pelicans, boats, and whales are unbeatable from our bluff.

35' x 25' structure size
1 bedroom
1 bath
Basic kitchen with cabinets, propane stove, and refrigerator
Large living room with bay windows
Fire place
Two minutes walking to the bluff to check surf or watch sunset

Park rent per month likely to be $300, which will be determined by park owner when you sign the lease.
Please call, text, or email your questions or best time for you to schedule a viewing.

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chuckie - 3-25-2017 at 06:01 PM

Is this the same place that was 39,000 and 400/mo yesterday?

stiladam - 3-25-2017 at 11:28 PM

Looks like a different pad in the same campo. What campo is this location Todd? Rodriguez?

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