Solar Inventory Update from DIY SOLAR WAREHOUSE

Kell-Baja - 8-21-2017 at 03:09 PM

DIY Solar Warehouse located in Spring Valley, CA (San Diego County) along with California Baja, Rent-A-Car and San Diego Motor Imports9245 Jamacha BlvdSpring Valley, CA 91977(619) 470-2006 and (619) 470-7368
Open 7 days a week except major holidays

*Ask for Kelly

Lots of Info Below but here's whats NEW and IN STOCK:

300 watt panels $299.99
290 watt panels $299.99
255 watt panels $239.99
100 watt flexible panels $249.99

NEW 8D AGM 245 AH Batteries $699.99 + $72.00 core fee if no exchange
NEW Deka 8volt Blem Batteries $89.99 + $28.00 core if if no exchange

4500 watt 48 bolt Sunny Island Inverter by SMA $2,475.00

SUNDANZER SOLAR Refrigerators and Freezers-different sizes and models to choose from. 12/24 volt

Almost EVERYTHING you need for an offgrid solar set up

DIY Solar Warehouse is your one stop shop to an offgrid solar set up

*Some items have a Craigslist and/or Baja Nomad special price, just ask!!!


12volt, group 31, AGM, Deka, Blem Batteries and sometimes a variety of other 12volt Deka Batteries. Always at a low price.
6volt Brand New Trojan Batteries in T105 and/or T105plus and L16 E-AC and sometimes L-16 RE
JUST IN FOR LIMITED TIME: NEW Deka 8D, 245AH, AGM Batteries and New blem 8volt 165 AH Batteries.

*Core fee charged if you do not have a core

*Other Batteries can usually be ordered if not in stock
Battery Accessories:

Battery cables, Battery Capacity Meters, Battery Boxes, Battery Straps, Ring Connectors, & more.

Brand New Mono 160watt, 100watt, 80watt, and 60watt panels + 255watt and 290watt solar panels. 300watt panels made in Germany with QCells.
Sometimes, we also offer cosmetically blemished fully working panels with full warranties at a large discounted price.

*Other Solar Panels can usually be ordered if not in stock
Solar Panel Accessories:

MC 4 connectors, MC4 take apart tool, Y Connectors, Branch Connectors, Wire clip holders, RV Bracket Z Mounts and more.

Large variety of controllers starting at 10amp PWM Controllers all the way up to 80 amp MPPT Controllers. We also offer a variety of Brands but, we are most proud of our OUTBACK and MIDNITE SOLAR products.

*Other charge controllers can usually be ordered if not in stock

Charge Controller Accessories:

Temperature sensors, displays and remote displays for units with that option.

Large variety of Inverters 1000 watt modified inverters, PURE SINE WAVE Inverters in 1000w, 2000w, 2500w, 3000w, 4KW Inverter Chargers & 6kw Inverter Chargers. Also, 4500watt 48 volkt Sunny Island by SMA
*Other Inverters can usually be ordered if not in stock

Inverter Accessories:

Inverter Wire & Cables including heavy duty, 300 & 500amp fuses, digital displays for units with that option.


As we all know, having the correct wire is important. We carry two strand tin copper 10gauge marine wire in protective coating. We also carry 10 gage wire separately along with 4 gage wire and grounding wire. Wire is sold by the foot.


We carry both 6 string and 8 string combiner boxes as well as 15amp breakers


Run these refrigerators'/freezers are 12/24 volt and run strictly on a solar panel and battery

Variety of LED Lighting Options including RV interior light, spot lights, and led light strips. Some remotes for the light also.


Variety of accessories all having to do with Solar. Small 15 and 30 amp fuses with fuse holders, connection kits, volt meters, replacement boxes, & More

Please come check out DIY SOLAR WAREHOUSE
(located with California Baja, Rent-A-Car & San Diego Motor Imports)

9245 Jamacha Blvd Spring Valley, CA 91977
(619) 470-2006 or (619) 470-7368

Open 7 days a week (except major holidays)
Mon-Saturday 9am -- 6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

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SFandH - 8-21-2017 at 04:39 PM

I looked it up:

The website could use some professional help.

Kell-Baja - 8-24-2017 at 10:31 AM

Yes, our permanent website is being worked on. Thank you for looking us up. We have actually sold many items to Baja Nomad members.

Kell-Baja - 10-19-2017 at 03:59 PM

We have a great deal on New 8D AGM Batteries from Deka!!! $589.99. Be sure to bring a core of equal lead weight or pay $72.00 core fee.

Kell-Baja - 3-19-2018 at 12:39 PM

Just a heads up, We are expecting a shipment of Group 31, 105 AH, AGM, New Blem batteries any day!!! $159.99 each and a $28.00 core fee if you don't have an exchange.

ncampion - 3-21-2018 at 09:01 AM

Still wish you could figure out how to ship products to Baja Sur.

aguachico - 3-21-2018 at 09:41 AM

The last 4 solar purchased within my circle of friends have been 100-200w portable , foldable, controller attached.

good luck

Kell-Baja - 4-12-2018 at 02:52 PM

We also have foldable sets with controller and clips attached. Currently we have 40 watt, 80 watt, and 120 watt.

Quote: Originally posted by aguachico  
The last 4 solar purchased within my circle of friends have been 100-200w portable , foldable, controller attached.

good luck


Kell-Baja - 7-15-2018 at 02:59 PM

USED SCHOTT 165 watt Solar Panels (SAPC-165). $100.00 per panel is 3 or less is purchased. 4 or more, $75.00 each + tax.
Hurry, Limited Time!!!

Also, in stock some Blem Panels @ reduced prices:

275Watt REC $225.00 each + tax for 3 or less OR, $200.00 each + tax for four or more

275W Trina $225.00 each + tax for 3 or less OR, $200.00 each + tax for four or more

300W Solarworld $225.00 each + tax

265W Canadian Solar $200.00 each + tax

265W Hanwa $195.00 + each + tax

In addition to the above we are running a great sale:

NEW 60watt Dasol or Sungold Solar panels $79.99 each
NEW 80watt Sungold $99.99 each


We also carry:

NEW 160watt Sungold Panels
NEW 285 watt REC Panels
And various other Solar Panels

Summer sale on 12/24 volt refrigerators/freezers

We have just about everything you need or want for your solar set up:

Charge Controllers
10, 6 and 2 Gage Wire
Battery and inverter Cables
Combiner boxes
Battery Capacity Meters

9245 Jamacha Blvd
Spring Valley, CA 91977