Solar Elec panels

larryC - 9-18-2017 at 10:46 AM

I have 10, 250 watt panels. All are in excellent condition, with mc4 connectors. Will sell for $140 each. Panels are located in San Diego. Panels were used for 1 year. U2U me for any questions.

A little more info on the panels:
SMX Solar
SMX 250P
Max. Power 8.30 A
Min. power 30.11V
Short circuit 8.84A
Open circuit 37.91V
Dimensions 64 5/8" x 39"
Yes I will sell them separately. The panels are in San Diego near the I52 and I5 freeways. Not sure when I might be heading south again so best to pick them up in San Diego if possible.

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