Furnished rental in Ensenada near Playa Hermosa

optimalpath - 11-1-2017 at 04:37 PM


I am looking for a furnished rental in Ensenada, near Playa Hermosa, for 6 months -- from now to the end of April. I am in Ensenada now with my two young children and I am looking for a simple, cozy space ideally with 2 beds but we could work with just 1 bed. It does not need to be "beachfront," just on or west of Av Dr Pedro Loyola because I find it to be more quiet.

Please message me if you or someone you know has a space like this for rent. (I am also inquiring through Tijuana Craigslist, Punta Banda Yahoo & Facebook groups and Ensenada Hoy, so no need to suggest those).

Thank you for reading and for your help.

pts1 - 1-25-2018 at 10:55 PM

Hi optimalpath!

Did you find the furnished rental? I might have a couple that you'd might like.

Playa Todos Santos