Animalandia in Loreto needs help building a wall~

Marla Daily - 1-4-2018 at 09:13 PM

The Animalandia Ambassadors work tirelessly year around providing free spay/neuter services to the dogs and cats of Loreto. In mid-December we officially launched our campaign to build a much needed wall at the Animalandia clinic. The existing chain link fence is deteriorated, bent, and has been hit by a drunk driver. To get this 83-meter-long wall built, we are "selling" meters of the wall:

$125 US pays for one meter of construction. The donor receives a tax deduction and a Donor Recognition Certificate.


$150 US pays for one meter of construction. The donor receives a tax deduction, a Donor Recognition Certificate, and a custom laser-printed permanent 6 x 6 tile with photograph to be installed on our Donor Recognition Wall.

We are hoping some Baja Nomads will be interested in purchasing a meter or more of the wall. As of New Year's eve, 26 meters had already been sold. From all of the volunteers, we THANK YOU for your consideration and help.

Here's how:
Go to
Scroll to ANIMALANDIA and donate through PayPal

Animalandia Wall Update

Marla Daily - 1-6-2018 at 06:11 PM

Hi Baja Nomads,

A wall update ~ Animalandia has sold 20 more meters since January 1, 2018. We are closer to our needed goal of selling 83 meters.

146 of you have read this post without comment.

Every meter donated gets us closer to construction. I've seen Nomads be generous on many fronts. Please consider helping us help the street dogs of Loreto. It is a never-ending job. We need to keep those dogs under our care safe until they find their forever loving homes.

Animalandia Ambassadors