La Bocana house for sale 2/2 100K

BajaBlanca - 4-30-2018 at 01:23 PM


Husband Les just finished total remodel of a house right in front of the beach ... well....about 100 steps to it!

Please write to him about details at

View towards the ocean


The front entrance - this photo does not do it is a gorgeous entrance!


The kitchen faces the ocean so one can do dishes observing whales or dolphins. I haven't included a picture but there is a huge pantry to the right as you walk into the kitchen.


Livingroom - this whole area is open space area so the room flows from the livingroom into the eating area and into the kitchen.


MASTER ROOM 1 with walk in closet and huge shower area.

MASTER ROOM 2 - has room to make a closet and has access to a big bathroom. Beyond the bathroom is a utility room with washingmachine hookups and storage cabinet.


Second master shower


First master shower

BajaBlanca - 4-30-2018 at 01:38 PM

More info: In town plan so it has electricity and water.

Titled, free and clear.

We styled the house with the open area floorplan. It is English tudor with the brown painted beams showing.

Kitchen shot with pantry


Linen closet which is outside Master 1


Way to the bedrooms from the entrance area


Paco Facullo - 4-30-2018 at 01:47 PM

Some lucky person or person's are going to have themselves quite the dream house in a dream location !

chavycha - 4-30-2018 at 02:52 PM

Beautiful. I'll take it (in about thirty years when I retire). :D

mikeymarlin - 4-30-2018 at 03:27 PM

one easy question----the property in front of the house towards the ocean---- is that a buildable property so this could block the view ???
or is this house beachfront ??

BajaBlanca - 4-30-2018 at 07:52 PM

It is indeed buildable BUT it is a small lot and will not block the view very much since it is a 130 degree view. For a brief moment I tried to convince Les for us to move in here, so we looked to answer this question also. He would not go for it!

I suppose one could buy that lot?

caj13 - 5-22-2018 at 01:51 PM

I've seen this place in person, great craftsmanship, neat floor plan, ideal location, water and electric, - hard to beat this at that price. particularly if you like the pace of La Bocana!

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BajaBlanca - 5-22-2018 at 07:12 PM

Thanks for the review!

Got renters in there now and they say the house is working out great for them ...

chavycha - 1-20-2019 at 07:03 PM

Though we're not really in the market (yet), it's always good to know what's out there. We were staying with Les and Blanca and Les took us by to have a quick look.

I agree with what caj13 says. Very nicely done and you can tell a lot of effort went into both the planning and building of the house.

What you can't really tell from the pics is that it has great views of the ocean from three sides. Nor do they convey how well the house is laid out and how open it feels.

BajaBlanca - 1-20-2019 at 09:24 PM

Thanks, chavycha!

When we were remodeling the house, my thought was that we might move there so we built it with a lot of TLC. The front door has windows surrounding it that was my was entailed and Les complained loudly but the end result is simply spectacular.

It needs a garage for sure. It needs landscaping. It needs a dog living there since it is right on the beach :-)

Timinator - 1-21-2019 at 10:07 AM

You wonderful women, you put a linen closet in! I can't believe nobody does this anymore. Nice place. Once our condo in Mainland Mx sells, we're back to somewhere in Baja.

Timinator - 1-21-2019 at 12:03 PM

Quote: Originally posted by lencho  
Quote: Originally posted by Timinator  
Once our condo in Mainland Mx sells, we're back to somewhere in Baja.
Why you leaving the Mainland?

I'm a spear fisherman and the place where our condo is, Puerto Escondido, has everything in spades, except decent spearfishing. If it had the spear fishing Baja has, I'd be a happy camper, but it doesn't. It's really cheap to live there too. Honestly, it's a great place for everything except spearfishing.

Timinator - 1-22-2019 at 04:14 PM

Any idea what depth the reefs are off shore along La Bocana? I saw some videos online. The co op there, they run all the fishing of gringo's?

55steve - 1-22-2019 at 05:34 PM

I remember checking out that place with Les when he was just starting the rebuild...WOW, great job! Oh, I also remember that you & Les were going to move into the place.

BajaBlanca - 12-13-2019 at 03:57 PM

Timinator- the reefs are shallow but the ocean gets deep right away. the cooperative indeed runs all the fishing but anyone with a boat can go out on their own, with friends, at any time. Our bonus is that it is super easy to launch since the beach is flat.

UPDATE: this house is still for sale/rent! It is a gorgeous home, I indeed wanted to move into it but Les loves our current home more.

Selling price is US$100K firm but we are open to financing.

The rental price will be $800 a month/lease. It is partially furnished with a bed in each of the 2 master suites, full kitchen, sofa and coffee table in livingroom. Tenant to pay water and all utilities.

Please contact husband Les if you are interested:

615 107-2400