Posada Inn, Rancho Terisa Maria & Resturant

Santiago - 5-26-2018 at 05:56 AM

Located 1/2 mile west of the wine museum in the Guadalupe valley.
This was our first time staying here; beautiful grounds, well maintained. We stayed in one of the cabanas, bed was new and very firm, linens were good quality and the entire area very clean.
2 swimming pools and an in-ground spa, though not heated water. Spa jets very powerful so good for aching backs and legs.
Pricing (for the valley) is good, rooms in the $80-90 range, $120 for the cabanas. Down side is road noise, trucks going by at all hours.
The grounds have maybe 20-30 picnic tables with build-in BBQ stands and they allow day use, must be a busy place on holidays with families bringing the kids up for swimming.
The restaurant was very good in the old-school style. No foo-foo big named chef trying figure out a new way to serve something you would never try to eat in a million years. Their specialty was a pork shank, slow roasted with 3 chilies, very good. Cheese board had 5 or 6 local cheeses, no farm style. They make their own olive oil and we sopped bread, really good. Not infused, just very clear and falvorable. We had their house wine, a nibiolo/syrah blend in also good. We will go home some of each.

fishbuck - 5-26-2018 at 04:51 PM