Crossing South KPBS TV San Diego is Looking for Adventurers to Join Shark Diving Expedition

GypsyJan - 7-1-2018 at 10:12 PM

LukeJobbins - 7-3-2018 at 08:42 AM

Where did you here about this, or do you have any more info about this?

I Received an Email from the Producer of the Show

GypsyJan - 7-3-2018 at 09:17 PM

Hello all!

Some of you have signed up to come along with us to film the Great White Shark documentary for KPBS, and we are excited to have you! There are still some spots left so if anyone else would like to sign up, you still can.

It sounds like we are going to be testing some laser equipment to measure the size of the sharks, and we plan to have a special 50 camera underwater rig being loaned from Sony. Should be a fascinating trip! Please check out our Facebook page for more information and to meet the host:

-Steven Javitz

On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 1:33 PM, crossingsouth <> wrote:

Hello Crossing South Fans!

My name is Steven Javitz, and I'm the producer of Crossing South the TV show. We are going to be filming something new for KPBS San Diego: an epic adventure to discover the Great White Sharks at Isla Guadalupe off the Baja California Coast. Yes, cage diving with Jaws! The trip is planned from September 15-20 leaving from San Diego on Horizon Charters. Would you be interested in the wildlife experience of a lifetime, and hang out with the video production team? The host for this documentary will be the amazing Franklin Raff, an energetic host and Marine Biology teacher who will be telling our television viewers all about the fascinating Great White Sharks.

We have a problem though, there are 15 more spots on the boat for more Shark divers, and if at least some of these spots don't get filled, the trip might get cancelled! Can you help us? The tour company just lowered the price $400 for anybody interested. I am attaching a pdf with some information on the pricing/contact info. You can also see more information on the company's website: https:// great-white-shark-diving/

Would love to hear from you!

Steven Javitz
Crossing South Producer

Paco Facullo - 7-3-2018 at 09:23 PM

I think you should book Les on the trip......

At least he wouldn't get lost ?

By the way, how's he doing ?

And any update on the missing car ?