Learn about the history of Baja California with Sunbelt author Greg Niemann

David K - 7-12-2018 at 02:17 PM

Greg Niemann is Baja Nomad 'GregN' and a friend for over 18 years. He has a web page:

I got this email from publisher Sunbelt:

On July 19th, at Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens in San Clemente, self-described “Baja buff” Greg Niemann, author of Baja Legends: The Historic Characters, Events and Locations That Put Baja California on the Map, will be presenting on the history of Baja California as part of the Casa Up Close lecture series. The lecture starts at 7:00 pm and tickets cost $10 for Casa Romantica members and $12 for non-members. To learn more about this event and purchase tickets, visit Casa Romantica's event page here.

Greg Niemann, a long-time journalist, is author of the award-winning Baja Legends, Palm Springs Legends, Baja Fever, Big Brown The Untold Story of UPS, and most recently Las Vegas Legends. A long-time member of the Outdoor Writers Association of California, he often writes for the San Clemente Journal. Most of his articles are travel- or Baja-related, including numerous fishing and off-road racing articles.

Event attendees are welcome to explore Casa Romantica before or after the presentation. Their gallery currently features an exhibition called Casa Coastal: The Art of Baja California, an excellent companion to Mr. Niemann's lecture.

In addition to Baja Legends, Greg Niemann is the author of several other books in Sunbelt's Legends series.

Greg at Viva Baja #1, Oct. 2000.