Time zone?

aburruss - 10-5-2018 at 10:20 PM

So.. it seems I have to adjust my time zone in the user control panel to be an hour AHEAD of where I actually am to get the time stamps to show up correctly. Am I doing something wrong?

For example, I see at the top "Last active: 10-5-2018 at 9:20 PM", but it's actually 10:20PM. I have my time zone set to GMT-8, which is where I am.. If I change to GMT-7, the time shows up properly "Last active: 10-5-2018 at 10:20 PM".

Also, all of the posts in various forums/threads show an hour off of where I'd expect.

Am I missing a setting? or is there a time/date incorrect on the server somewhere?

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AKgringo - 10-6-2018 at 12:31 AM

The time stamp changes whether you are logged in or not. For instance, your topic shows up as being posted at 10:20 PM if I view it as a visitor, but when I log in, it shows up as 9:20.

I am viewing this in Alaska standard time right now, but it does the same thing when I am in California.

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David K - 10-6-2018 at 09:43 AM

It is Daylight Savings in most states until next month... so for California (Daylight Savings) time that would be Mountain Standard Time.

SFandH - 10-6-2018 at 10:01 AM

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David K - 11-5-2018 at 10:34 AM

OK, those of you who are in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington:

For the next 4 months we are back on "Pacific Standard Time". Other areas may be back on their "standard times" from Daylight Savings Time.

To adjust the time stamp on Baja Nomad to match with your time, click User Control Panel (it is in blue text upper right corner of the Nomad page, below your name).

Next click: Edit Profile (also in blue text) and scroll down to the last selection choice line (Time Offset) and change to your normal time zone (Pacific for us).

We were on Mountain Time during Daylight Savings months, one hour earlier. Arizona and Hawaii do not change their clocks as well as some other places. Baja Norte and Sonora also stay at the same time as the states to their north while the rest of Mexico has Daylight Savings for a shorter time of the year (unless they adjusted this?).

Tomorrow, we in California can vote to stay on Daylight Savings all year (hurray).