San Felipe South Campo Beach House 2/2 A.C.

RFClark - 11-25-2018 at 10:05 AM

Here’s a link to a house we have for sale about 30 min south of San Felipe.

Questions: US 8186121082

David K - 11-25-2018 at 10:45 AM

What a beautiful home! Los Morritos, huh?
The locator map on your link has it inland of the beach, very near the Costa Verde development. A couple months ago, mapping the road, I noted a campo called' Los Morritios', 6 kilometers north of your map location, at Km. 45.5, is that where it is... and I added an i by mistake?
Best of luck with the sale!

advrider - 11-25-2018 at 05:54 PM

Looks like a very nice place right on the beach! Is there a yearly lease on the property or is it held by the bank?

bajatravelergeorge - 11-25-2018 at 06:37 PM

The listing says it's a land lease.

tobias - 11-25-2018 at 06:57 PM

If its on leased land , why are the taxes $850?
Do you pay property taxes on leased lots in mexico?
Man getting a handle on real estate is tricky down here.

bkbend - 11-25-2018 at 10:44 PM

I'd guess the $850 is the lease fee. The boilerplate listing form has no spot for a lease fee so they used an unused field.

The property leased land sits on is taxed so, yes, in some form you are paying taxes on it and I would not be shocked if there is a lease contract out there with property taxes as a line item.

It's a crapshoot.

RFClark - 12-1-2018 at 08:11 PM

Hi all,

The $850 US is the yearly land lease it is located on a 40’ hill about 100 yards back from the high tide line. We’re just north of KM 46