Road repair El Rosario thru Catavina

bajamary1952 - 12-29-2018 at 06:37 PM

Has anyone traveled the stretch from El Rosario thru Catavina in the last week or so? According to reports from Baja websites & TalkBaja road conditions there is a long stretch of road.
"Mex 1 is in extremely rough condition with pot holes and worn roads from about 10 miles south of El Rosario through CataviƱa and down to about 10 miles south of Lake Chapala. They are slowly working on patching some stretches of the road, but expect very rough road conditions for almost 200 kilometers." Posted 12/16/2018

4x4abc - 12-29-2018 at 06:43 PM

the roads are not getting that bad - it is only that more sissies are venturing south of San Diego

billklaser - 12-29-2018 at 06:52 PM

We drove through there about 2 weeks ago. Road in fairly good condition. Not many potholes, and the road being rough is a relative term. Compared to 2 years ago it is beautiful.

David K - 12-30-2018 at 12:50 PM

Highway 1 between El Rosario and the state border (near Guerrero Negro) has always been the most poorly maintained section as it is beyond the major population and far from politicians eyes. This has been the case since the original 1973 paving wore out in less than 8 years and was a pot hole nightmare. We fished often around Laguna Manuela in the early 80s, driving and dodging holes on the drive.

While it is a federal highway, funding for maintenance seems to be mostly controlled by state officials?

Lee - 12-30-2018 at 01:06 PM

A month ago no worse than it was last year and year before.

If you're hitting holes, you're going too fast and/or not picking your spot. Watch the road and you're OK.

Construction S. of Santo Tomas is major. NB looked like an hour wait.

N. of La Paz construction miles of dirt dust bumps and traffic. Fun.

BornFisher - 12-30-2018 at 02:34 PM

There are two seasons in Baja. Hurricane, and road repair!

How to drive in Pothole Zone

Cardon - 12-30-2018 at 03:43 PM

Here is a little diagram showing how Drunks and Sober people drive in the USA vs Mexico