Snow! in Baja - Catavina

caj13 - 1-1-2019 at 07:49 PM

Just drove through a snow storm in the mountains just south of Catavina! pretty cool, literally!

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bajadogs - 1-1-2019 at 07:51 PM


Bajazly - 1-2-2019 at 12:02 AM

Saw snow on the peaks as I turned west on to 3 today when I left San Felipe. Very cloudy and cold over there and I could see precipitation in the mountains. Clear as a bell and warmer in Ensenada.

pauldavidmena - 1-2-2019 at 08:36 AM

So far this winter season (which on Cape Cod begins in earnest just after Halloween) we've had only a dusting of snow - knock on Barnstable oyster shells...

basautter - 1-2-2019 at 09:04 AM

Got snow in Tucson too!

tucon snow 4.jpg - 96kB

PaulW - 1-2-2019 at 09:11 AM

14" in Druango Co. Cannot find someone to plow my drive. Sigh.

David K - 1-2-2019 at 09:14 AM

Clear blue sky here in San Diego County now... but it is COLD!
We had a good rain on New Year's Eve and snow on our mountains.

55steve - 1-2-2019 at 09:23 AM

Just saw a pic posted of snow on the mountains above Bahia de Los Angeles.