Want to buy a car

Jadeolson - 1-5-2019 at 05:28 PM

We are road tripping Baja and our car just broke down outside Mulege. The car is at a mechanic but we think it might be more expensive to fix than it is worth. We are looking to buy a car locally to drive us and all of our camping gear back to the states. A US registered car is preferable but we are open to anything at this point. If anyone has a car for sale or knows of someone who needs a car transported back to the states please let me know. Any and all help is appreciated.
Thank you,

David K - 1-5-2019 at 05:38 PM

Hope your car gets fixed! Be sure to contact your Mexican Insurance company if you change vehicles!

gnukid - 1-5-2019 at 09:08 PM

There is a bus, Aguila will take you and your stuff to the border. Or look on Craigslist for a car nearby in BCS but a used car could be another problem, or of course the mechanics are able to perform magic for cheap in Baja but an engine rebuild takes time if it's that serious. Hopefully you are back on the road in your car soon.

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advrider - 1-5-2019 at 10:35 PM

Yep, bus or a local might be the way to go for a ride. Many a local will haul you or a bike to the border for a good price, just ask around...

JoeJustJoe - 1-6-2019 at 11:20 AM

Just a caution about buying or selling cars on the internet. There are lots of scams out there especially regarding used cars.

I don't know if the OP car is broken down or not, however, probably the number one reason for car repair bills being more than the car is worth is overheating issues, like a bad water pump, blown head gasket, leaking radiator, etc....that would lead to expensive cars repairs.

The good thing is car mechanics in Mexico are very reasonable, and you can fix your car at a fraction at what it would cause in the states.

From time to time I sell one of my cars on Craiglist, and the number one scam I run into, is someone offering to pay the full listed price for my car sight unseen.

The deal is they will buy my car as long as I accept payment via via PayPal, and then ship them my car right away.

It's usually just a ruse to steal your personal information, money or merchandise. I would never accept a PayPal, payment because they could also legitimately challenge the PayPal payment by claiming he never received it or some other scam.

weebray - 1-6-2019 at 11:34 AM

Jade, Check your u2u for a message

mtnpop - 1-6-2019 at 12:05 PM

Check at Don Cheyno RV park, there is a 2002 suburban for sale they know of. I think they may be a little pricey but worth a try. It has Ca. license plates.
If I find the name of who has it stored will send it to you.

Good luck.