Yet another photobucket Q

bajabuddha - 1-8-2019 at 05:34 PM

So being a tad techno-challenged, is there a way I can back-load all my pics from photobucket BACK on to my PC picture files? As in, return them all to my personal property where I can then transfer to another domain for posting on BN. And if possible, must it be done one pic at a time?

I'm so confused! :no:

David K - 1-8-2019 at 05:49 PM

Putting your mouse on any photo and right-clicking brings up a selection that includes "Save Image As..." then you pick where on your PC to put it.

Did you delete all your PC photo files from their folders? Wow... so sorry!
Never ever do that!

BajaMama - 1-10-2019 at 10:27 AM

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:lol:OMG I want this!

JZ - 1-11-2019 at 07:44 PM

Update. I just looked at the Photobucket app on my phone.

Top left, click the home button, then click "Your Library", then click "Your Bucket". On the top right click the 3 dots. There is an option "Download Album."

That downloads all your photos to your phone. From there upload them to a proper site like Google Photos.

Only use PB to post pics on forums.