El Palomar Hotel Santo Tomas

okiegumbo - 1-10-2019 at 03:35 PM

I am planning a trip for ten offroaders. Will need 5 rooms. I would greatly appreciate any first hand reviews or comments regarding the Hotel El Palomar in Santo Tomas. Don't need anything fancy, just clean and decent. Parking security? Is their resturaunt is still open ?


David K - 1-10-2019 at 03:45 PM

Nomad search popped up these from last year (2018):

Quote: Originally posted by Goyo  
I've stayed at Palomar twice. The first time was about three winters ago and the second time was just last winter. Both times were on my way home to the U.S. I stayed the first time because ... well, I just had to know. One of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. My room was very run down. No hot water and of course no reception for the tiny old TV. It's the kind of place where you don't sleep well because you feel icky.

The second time was not planned. I was hoping to stay at Hotel Paraiso Colonet, but it was mid-week, so the manager had a sign with a phone number to call if you wanted a room. I don't have phone service so I couldn't get a room. So my last option was Palomar. It was just as bad as I remembered. Complete dive. The food in the restaurant is okay. But the place is pretty worn. Too many dusty trinkets strewn around. I'm not a picky person but that entire operation is pretty gross. Next time, I will sleep in the cab of my truck.

Quote: Originally posted by bajatrailrider  
Do not stay at El Palomar motel nasty bugs in the rooms. All the simi trucks J brakes spend the night in Ensenada or San Vicente.

Quote: Originally posted by mtgoat666  
El Palomar restaurant is the only place in baja that made me sick. Whoa! 2 days of agony starting 3 hours after lunch there.
Stay away!

Quote: Originally posted by chuckie  
If you stay there hire an armed guard...My dog was stolen while we were eating lunch..returned after paying 200 bucks....WITH ALL FOUR FEET WIRED TOGETHER

Quote: Originally posted by rhintransit  
Palomar...only hotel in Baja that I ever left early. I about froze one February, and despite blankets of questionable cleanliness and the promise of a space heater...delivered around midnight and didn’t work... I left around four am, preferring to take my chances on the road driving in the dark to hypothermia.
I recommend you adjust your timing and stay elsewhere,

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Quote: Originally posted by soylent_green  
The Zarcillo Restaurant owner was telling me they have plans to put in some rooms at their restaurant.

Ejido Ajusco, mile north of the Palomar, in the town across from the Sto. Tomas vineyard.

Its not a cheap place - full tasting menu with wine is around $380 pesos. They have breakfast too.

If you haven't stopped there and you are looking for something different than tacos on the road, then you should check it out.

funny, Ill pay $380 for a nice meal at Zarcillo, but it peees me off that the Palomar charges double for a Magnum ice cream bar.

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ehall - 1-10-2019 at 04:04 PM

El camino in San Vicente or Coyote Cals in Erindira. You starting in Tecate?

okiegumbo - 1-10-2019 at 04:42 PM

Starting in Santo Tomas

David K - 1-10-2019 at 06:51 PM

I say go to San Vicente and they also have a great restaurant at the road to the mission.
El Camino Motel is south side on the left and Mi Ranchito Restaurant is north of town on the right, road to Mission park.

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bajatrailrider - 1-10-2019 at 09:47 PM

Twice riders reported crawling things that bite in the beds at Palomar stay away. Pm me if you need info for El camino Motel its Moto friendly.

Skipjack Joe - 1-10-2019 at 11:12 PM

Wow. These reviews are about as bad as anything I've ever read on nomads. Too bad, because the place has a historic ambience about it.

ncampion - 1-11-2019 at 01:55 PM

Had to stay there recently due to road closed by fatal accident and getting too late to get anywhere else. Would not stay there on purpose, but better than sleeping in the car on the side of the road. Security is suspect but nobody broke into the car at least. I recommend a different plan.

bajamary1952 - 1-11-2019 at 07:11 PM

This hotel is listed on AirBnB under Santo Tomas farmstay. Reviews aren't good.