Verizon phone in TJ

justin p - 9-20-2019 at 10:11 AM

How far can you go into mexico and use your Verizon phone with only a USA domestic plan?

Bajazly - 9-20-2019 at 10:16 AM

Mine works all over but I have the Mexico USA Canada plan. Otherwise you can pay the $5 per day, if you use it in a given 24 hr period.

Three2tango - 9-20-2019 at 10:17 AM

Ours works throughout Mexico. If you have unlimited data, you get 500mb per day. Check with Verizon to see the details of your particular plan.

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thebajarunner - 9-20-2019 at 11:14 AM

Since I don't go that often I just rely on the $5 a day deal
Same deal in Canada

Just got back and got charged ten bucks for the weekend

And it works everywhere that you have cell tower connection
I have used it easily in Puerto Vallarta
Mexico City

It comes up automatically if you have the phone turned on once you pass the border. And automatically gives you another 24 hours once you pass the first day.

Hook - 9-20-2019 at 05:58 PM

I dont have that new of a phone and it is an Android model, but you might try going into your settings and telling it to ignore the Mexican cell networks. I can do that with my Samsung S7 or 7S or whatever it is. You might find that a decent US Verizon signal might cover a lot of TJ.

As I recall from travels in Europe, you can tell Verizon that you want to be eligible for the $5/day plan, but if you never use it, you arent charged for that 24 hours. So there is no harm in alerting them to activitating it. Some days we could get by with wifi and What's App and other days, we paid the five bucks. It might have been $10 in Europe, actually.

It's a subjective statement, of course, but that's a lot of peace of mind for only five bucks. I just brought up the other, cheaper, alternative, if you are on a very tight budget.

larryC - 9-21-2019 at 08:48 AM

To answer your question. Without a Mex plan the distance your USA phone will work in Mex can probably be measured in meters. Not many. If you need to use it in Mex make some arrangements with Verizon before you go.