San Borja/Kikis San Felipe.. dog friendly

greta-inbaja - 11-10-2019 at 08:01 PM

We stayed at the San Borja nov 1. We travel with our GSD so having the beach to walk on and enjoy a cold beer while our dog ran laps, swam and dug holes was perfect after the drive to and though the border. It was a busy weekend when we were there. It was 65 incl tax, no dog fee. We always liked Kiki’s. They put us in the San Borja this trip. Kiki’s hotel was pretty busy, the San Borja was about 1/3 full. The room was a nice size, had a good shower, and a fridge. The bed was firm but comfortable. We just like the place. At least when we travel in the spring and fall, things are not crazy busy so it is very relaxing to land there for a night.

advrider - 11-10-2019 at 09:33 PM

We always camp at Kiki's place and sometimes get a room with our dogs, love the place.

BajaRat - 11-11-2019 at 08:28 AM

Great Family and employees. Tamale lady comes by almost daily and will fill custom orders for next day delivery. We usually get several dozen for the road north or south, some of the best I’ve had.
Security and a short walk to the malecon
Lionel :cool:

David K - 11-11-2019 at 10:51 AM

So they have a room named after the mission?

KurtG - 11-11-2019 at 05:29 PM

Quote: Originally posted by David K  
So they have a room named after the mission?

Hotel San Borja is across the street from Kiki's.