Dog friendly places in Valle de Guadalupe - reviews

tanagertravels - 1-6-2022 at 03:59 PM

We are headed out in 10 days and will be in Valle for two nights end of month. What places are dog friendly?

Is Dona Esthela really worth it?

Thoughts on Deckman's

elgatoloco - 1-6-2022 at 05:00 PM

Finca Altozano is and they have some of the best preparations of food anywhere. If you like protein cooked over mezquite you will be happy. The chef knows what he is doing. The vibe is friendly.
Deckman's is on par and a little more intimate scale but like Finca its outdoor/indoor setting. As long as there is no rain you just layer up. You should go to one each night and let us know your thoughts. :-)

We personally have had a tasty fun time and Dona's. The weekend can be a zoo, (pre-younowhat) but Thursdays are best.

Make reservation for tasting at Lechuza if you drink wine. They love dogs.

I could go on but you only have two days. :saint::dudette::cool: