Is crime up or down? 2,000,000 encounters last year

verichip - 2-4-2022 at 03:50 PM

CBP confirms 2,000,000 encounters with illegals migrants last year. This is a multi agency total. TJ has certainly changed color. Little Port-au-Prince is now a barrio in TJ. No idea where Venezolona hangs out.

How do all these migrants affect the crime rate. In Baja north or Baja Sur?
For that matter all over Mexico.

The Haitians seem to have a few manners and are laid back. The Guatemaltecas want to sell you something, a candy bar or a belt they made something. The banditos de Honduras .... ..

How is Mexico changing? what about safety?

Does Crimela Harris still think credit card machines in Central Americas mountain shops will fix the problem.