The 2009 Baja Almanac ON LINE has been added...

David K - 5-8-2022 at 09:15 AM

Recently, we learned of a never-published 2015 Baja Almanac, linked on the website. The creator, Landon Crumpton died before finishing it.

This past week, I saw that the 2009 Almanac was now added to the website:

Naturally, we all know of the 2021 Benchmark Maps Baja California Road Atlas... which is up-to-date and has the kilometer points on all highways... but uses shading to show topography instead of the contour lines, used in the Almanacs.

StuckSucks - 5-8-2022 at 01:48 PM

Sweet, thanks. Maybe laminate and spiral bind?

sbsyncro - 5-9-2022 at 06:40 AM

There are online services that will take such files and print them onto coated paper (like high quality maps you buy at REI or a map shop). It would be prohibitively expensive for a single copy, but I wonder if there is a possibility to do a "group printing" of these maps without running afoul of the copyright. They are such a valuable resource - I cherish my copy of the Almanac, but never got a copy of the fold-out map and would dearly love one.

The web site says:
"No rights are given, but you can download and print a single copy of the books and fold-out map for your own personal use. You may not reproduce the maps electronically or do anything that violates the copyright such as trace the book and sell it as your own work, or host it on your own website."

Unfortunately there does not appear to be a way to contact the person hosting these files (the "contact us" page doesn't have a contact link that I can find). Does anyone know the person's contact info?