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tomieharder - 11-28-2022 at 09:49 AM

Darci Lynn Davider Morales

Public announcement:

Do not go to Bannorte or Santander in Rosarito.

Tonight I stopped at the Bannorte ATM. When I walked up all three machines were occupied. Once it was my turn I walked inside the little kiosk , card in hand. The remaining man inside the kiosk grabbed my card out of my hand and shoved it into one of the ATMs. I immediately pushed the cancel button to retrieve my card. All along this man is yelling at me to use the machine. My card popped out of the machine, I turned around to leave and the man was furious that I didn't complete the transaction. I had to physically move him to exit the kiosk. Still needing to withdraw funds I go to Santander bank. Four ATMs there. Three of which were occupied. Every single Person walked out of there without completing their transactions. My self as well. I immediately check my balance and it was $2.45. Some how, probably a card reader all my money was gone. There was a withdrawal from an HSBC bank for $340. (Immediately after leaving Bannorte). People at Santander bank were also hit. So sad. All I wanted to do today was go to the bank and take myself to the doctor. Instead I'm still sick, no meds and got robbed of literally every dollar I had . Except the $2 they left me. Needless to say stay away from those two banks.

surfhat - 11-28-2022 at 11:10 AM

Always take the time to go into the bank and deal with a teller directly. It can avoid several problems with the scammers.

BTW, the lowlifes have the tech ability to read your credit card in your pocket without it even being pulled out. There are some special credit card holders that block this transmission of your info that might be a good thing to use.

Some locals at a gas station around north SD have learned this lesson the hard way. A small investment that will be worth it if you never have a scam pulled on you again.

I never pay at the pump with the exception of Costco where everything is being recorded and the several attendants stay on top things. I don't use atms either. Going into the bank and dealing with a teller directly has served me well for a very long time. The time saved 'may' have its cost. I will take that gladly for the security it provides.

mtgoat666 - 11-28-2022 at 11:32 AM

I rarely use ATMs. When i do, I am very picky about selecting an ATM to use.
Never us a debit card at a store. Always use CC or cash if at a store.

Using atm when traveling, i recommend keeping account balance very low, so potential loss is low.