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Author: Subject: Old Road Remembered
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lol.gif posted on 5-18-2017 at 11:48 AM
Got to get mine in to!

Gonzaga Bay 1964.....My first date with three sisters

This was a trip report I made a year or so ago on the old Amigos board and thought maybe some of you nomads might get a kick out of it.

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to know a good spot to go fishing,you bet I said where?....a place in mexico on something called the sea of cortez,lived in huntington bch in those days,jest a hop skip and jump and I would be there great!!!

My friend drew up a map for me,just bought a 64 vw bus and he said I was ready to ,all I had to do was drive down to a bay called Gonzaga and meet a old guy by the name of papa he would show me where to fish,so I packed up the bus,wife two kids and a friend......

He also said I might have a problem or 2 on the road but everything should be fine,I thanked him.
I have always thought that stupidity must be blessful,for in those days I was my late 20,s and still stupid but happy and was always game to try anything if it had anything to do with fishing!!.....

My friend had also mentioned it might get a little hot it was july and I should plan on it ,no problem I borrowed one of those window coolers you hang on the outside of the rig,there I took care of the heat problem,went out and bought a map which gave mileage and some other stuff,we were ready to go.

The trip........

left huntington bch late on night ,should be in san felipe by morning, puertecitos a couple of hours later ,Gonzaga for lunch,everything went smoothly,arrived in san felipe on time , and now the dirt I can,t wait finally the trip starts,not 10 min,s later we were stuck in a sand pit,I could still see san felipe,this is not what I had in mind,I did bring a shovel,half hour later we were on our way again........

the going was a little slower than I had planned but no matter we were headed south,finally puertecitos dead ahead,getting a little tired,the kids are a bit loud,my wife is talking to herself not loud something about this #$%^ road

I couldn,t make out the other things ,my friend is saying nothing by now,stopped for some gas in town,while there a gringo came by and asked where we were going I said Gonzaga Bay its just down the road a ways from here!!!
Left the window cooler at the station,does,nt work going 10 15 miles anyway,he thanked me.......

Not2 mins out of town I lost track of the road saw nothing but rock,know its here somewhere.....

going is slow ,its very hot,my oldest daughter is getting sick.......

and my wife ...I can hear her now she is getting mad it me,how could I do this to to her and the kids.......

I was very reasurring and told her the bay was just over the next rise,having no idea what I was talking about,the map I just bought mentions something about three hills that must be climbed and we are in them....

God help us.....

the first two we just made,we are at the bottom of the last and my wife wan,ts to go home,she wan,ts to get out and walk,no problem dear we will get over this we,ll have it made,I put my foot in it and up we go,going slower I see a rock ledge dead ahead must slow down,now stopped can,t make it over,put my foot on the brakes and start to slide back down the hill.....

at the bottom of the canyon my spots several wrecks,poor souls never made it,we are now backing down the hill,my hands are shaking,kids are crying,my friend is white faced,tried once more but could not get over the ledge.....

one thing left to do back down to the bottom,told everyone to get out and walk,just what my wife wanted to do in the first place.......

Well this time I made it ,felt like rocky on top of that mountion.......

flat lands dead ahead,I am numb between the ears but know we are getting close.....

No sooner than we get to the bottom of the hills and I,m stuck again in the sand,will this never end???

Digging and more digging,starting to get pretty good at this though...can,t be to far,daughters temp. is still up,monster headache,finally arrive at papa,s late in the day but find just a couple of old house,s and a shack or two and no trees,

I check my map my friend gave me,I,m suppose to go down the canyon just before papa,s,he said the fishing was best there and a nice beach so I turned around and made for the canyon,found a set of tracks to follow,you guessed it stuck again only this time no amount of digging is going to get us out,

my friend said he would watch the family for me so now I,m walking back to papa,s,sometime later I arrive in camp and this little old man come,s up to me smiling and said something,he already knew what the problem was ,

first thing you know chichi his son and a man with a big rig shows up ,things appeared to be a little slow in camp anyway this would everyone something to do ......

Didn,t take long for them to get us out.......Guess we will stay at papa,s place,the ground looks firm and I,m not moving,the wife got the kids in the water for a cool down and I and my friend enjoyed the best and the coldest beer we have ever drank to this day.

After a wonderful nites sleep we got up and started looking for shade,no trees what do you do for shade I asked he smiled and pointed toward his front porch........

Lucky for us papa had started to build a big cabana all it needed was a roof,so my first day of vacation we finished the roof.....still lots to this vacation but you get the idea,lots to learn but having fun,going home no problem all the up hills were now down hills and I knew what firm ground looks like,when we hit the highway at san felipe we all smiled and my wife leaned over and gave me a big kiss and said when we come down next vacation maybe we should go a month or so sooner,might not be so hot

Anyone can catch fish in a boat but only \"El Pescador Grande\" can get them from the beach.

I hope when my time comes the old man will let me bring my rod and the water will be warm and clear.
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[*] posted on 5-18-2017 at 12:21 PM

LOVED that road....the first half dozen times. after that the dozens and dozens of weekly trips carting building materials to Papa's over that road, not so much! :(
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[*] posted on 5-18-2017 at 12:23 PM

Agree that the Puertecitos to Gonzaga road before 1986 was indeed the toughest main route in Baja! Drove on it in '65, '67, '74, '75, and '79. The first two years as a passenger as I was under 16.
However, the silt beds of Laguna Chapala were so much worse to drive through (Tijuana to Cabo in 1966) that my dad chose going via Gonzaga on our 1967 trip to L.A. Bay.

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[*] posted on 5-18-2017 at 04:11 PM

I believe this is a chunk of old road along Bahía Concepción:

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