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Author: Subject: Vintage Fishing Photos
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[*] posted on 11-27-2009 at 09:14 AM


Would the short man standing next to you possibly be named John B. ?
He looks amazingly like someone living in the Hood River area.

I too noted the short shorts but for different reasons; I used to have a pair just like them !! :lol:
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Ken Bondy
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[*] posted on 11-27-2009 at 09:17 AM


No, his name is Chris D., he became my longtime business partner. Still lives in So. California.

carpe diem!
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[*] posted on 11-27-2009 at 07:32 PM


Thanks for adding your photos. I wish I had the opportunity to visit PSF back in it's prime.

I talked to my mom about the reel to reel films. She said she has a huge box full of them and would look into shipping them to me. We'll get it done. I can't wait to revisit them as well.
Thanks for the suggestion.


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[*] posted on 5-29-2022 at 07:47 AM
Andy Anderson

Wow! I can't believe I came across this picture so long after your original post. Andy was my grandfather. Hope his rig inspires good thoughts and memories of loved ones.

Quote: Originally posted by Paulina  
If I may, I'd like to add a few vintage photos as well.

These are from my grandfather's baja era. 1940s

There were a lot of snappy dressers in this crew...I would think that in today's times if you stepped out on the dock sporting swim trunks hiked up over your belly button and a white captian's hat you'd be flogged.

Again, dress slacks, belts and dress grandfather is front and center in this photo. the gentleman on the right with the white shoes is the same man holding the fin in the previous photo.

My grandfather's best friend, Andy Anderson, in the 40s...

Andy again in 1956. Same style of fishing attire, white shirt and khaki slacks. I have Andy's and my grandfather's fishing poles hanging in my dining room. As you can see in the photos, the Penn reel was built into the butt, an all in one fishing combo.

Every once and a while my grandmother would join the crew. Here she is with her prize fish.

Dern's Great Grampa Charlie collecting lobsters in Estero Bay, 1950s era.

You can see Punta Banda - Cantu in the background in this shot.

Ensenada Ling, Dern's mom on the left.

I love the vintage photos, thanks for starting this topic.


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[*] posted on 5-29-2022 at 01:41 PM

Another Andy Anderson who loves Baja was Howard Gulick's former co-worker at the City of Glendale and a frequent traveling partner. Andy Anderson was one of my dad's dental patients and the one who told my dad about Baja surf fishing and the new Jeep Wagoneer... which my dad went right out and bought!

Andy Anderson at Gonzaga Bay "sandspit camp" in 1958:

"So Much Baja, So Little Time..."

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