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Author: Subject: DavidK need your mapping help. Camping at Alejandros, just north of Rosalillita
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[*] posted on 8-11-2015 at 07:51 PM

Quote: Originally posted by David K  
I appreciate your reply LancairDriver, thank you!

I have been addicted to Baja since I was a kid in the'60's.
My parents were wonderful in supporting my addiction (they loved Baja too) and encouraged and supported my desire to explore and write about Baja before I was an adult.

My dad got me started with meeting Baja authors and collecting books. My first autograph was from Ray Cannon in the 'Sea of Cortez' (1967) and around that time, I met Howard Gulick and he signed his 'Lower California Guidebook' for me.

I saw the value in books and related to these authors in wanting to share what they saw down in the peninsula. My first guide was of the new Baja highway and its route before it was completed... I was 15, and we had just returned from a trip to Loreto in July, 1973. I self published my road logs and maps, and it was a local hit here in San Diego... got featured on a TV show and newspaper even!

Baja Nomad is simply the newest way to transfer Baja travel information, and it is instant... no printing, distribution, and it is free!

Don't want to read about what is happening in Baja? Then don't read the web pages. Simple! It is an information age, and my travel posts or maps can never replace going there in person... No possible way I can show all that there is in a few (or many) photos or words. If it sounds interesting to you, then go and see for yourself. You will see and experience a lot more than I did or can relate with a post here.

I know someday, there will be a final Baja trip for me... I hope not for a long time, but when I can't go back to Baja, I will have my photos and maps to enjoy for years to come. If I am lucky, or the economy finally recovers for us in time, then I would like to live my last years in Baja and have our children and grandchildren visit as much as possible.

Those Nomads who no longer go to Baja or can't get there as soon as they want, can enjoy the posts on or as long as Doug's and my web sites are still online!

Yes, but sometimes it's nice to keep places unknown and enjoy the places without crowds of dweebs from the OC or Zonies or...
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[*] posted on 8-16-2015 at 03:42 PM

Alejandro's isn't exactly what one would call a secret spot. It's in all the surf guides and books, and is only a few miles off the pavement.

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