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Author: Subject: Wow,RESCHEDULED!!! 10th Annual Baja Nomad Dia de Reyes Toy Drive, January 31st, 2016
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[*] posted on 2-1-2016 at 04:27 PM

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[*] posted on 2-1-2016 at 06:05 PM

Great photos!

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[*] posted on 2-1-2016 at 06:10 PM


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[*] posted on 2-1-2016 at 08:44 PM

Quote: Originally posted by BajaGeoff  
Great photos!

More photos at the following two locations:

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[*] posted on 2-2-2016 at 11:13 AM

so fun to see those photos! how I wish we were closer so I could help out more!

congratulations on pulling it off and I am just so sad that you had to pay $1800 for the toys. bloodsuckers indeed. mean-spirited. hard-hearted. ughhhhhhhh

The toys are so awesome - the bikes are so beautiful - great job!

Blanca and Les
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[*] posted on 2-3-2016 at 07:51 AM

We did it, what we never imagined, 10 consecutive years of taking joy and entertainment to the most needy. Thank you to all that have made this event possible. I won't mention any names so I don't run the risk of excluding anyone but you know who you are. At the end of every event we have always had enough toys and food for everyone. It all just comes together beautifully.
Thank you Baja Nomads for making it all possible!
Sometimes I wish we could give more, specially when you have 3 kids in front of you that want a bike and you only have one left. All I can say to them is I'm sorry.
The good part is that most of the time the children receive their gifts with amazement. If it's just a little toy truck or a small doll. To see their faces light up and to see how they hug their new toy and then start showing their friends, that is just plain beautiful and it's what moves our hearts and has kept us going all this time.
I do want to thank my children for putting up with all of this.
Now, the question is;
Another ten?
Someone asked me why we do this if it's so much trouble and does not produce any profit, my answer was; I do it for the tamales at the end, they are delicious!

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[*] posted on 2-3-2016 at 08:47 AM

The profit is the look in the children's eyes.
Somethings are worth more than money.
Good job Fernando!

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