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Author: Subject: I think the USA should adopt Mexican migracion law & here’s why:

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[*] posted on 2-25-2017 at 10:44 PM
I think the USA should adopt Mexican migracion law & here’s why:

I think the USA should adopt Mexican migracion law & here’s why:


1.Where I live every week there is an article or two in the local Mexican newspaper saying that the police were called regarding weird, unacceptable behavior by a gringo or a MEX-AM. 2 examples, last week an American male from California entered a store and started to throw product around. No real explanation was given. The police came, asked for the man’s papers. The police state he didn’t have any, so they called migracion who promptly deported him.

2.In another case a MEX-AM Katy Hurtado made her move in a health clinic. She insulted other patients and threw her meds to the floor. Ditto. Staff called the police and the police called migracion who deported her for lack of papers.
3.Sanctuary cities aren’t even imaginable in Mexico because Mexican law requires that the police call migracion.
4.I can certainly understand getting ticked off in a Mexican health facility. I’m dying from heart failure and I also have atrial fibrillation, COPD and every winter bronchitis or pneumonia. Sometimes it’s necrotic pneumonia. Last year on May 5th I dragged myself into the local emergency room and begged for help. I was dying of pneumonia. On the wall was a huge diagram delineating proper triage: EMERGENCY PATIENTS FIRST & THEN THE REST. Except that the secretary at the front desk refused to honor the hospital’s triage command. She moved patients into the emergency room on a first come first serve basis. So all the people who were there before me for their regular check ups were seen first.

AND I’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY CHECK UP PATIENTS ARE IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM TO BEGIN WITH! I was told I should have called the red cross. That way they would have been forced to see me first. I hate to stir up such a hub-bub, but now I know. If I weren’t close to death I would have raised hell. And the police would have come and then would have call migracion. SADISM AT IT’S UTMOST!

1.In this area residency cards go for between 230 and 852 dollars, depending upon the stupidity level of the foreigner. But according to local migracion officials, the foreigner must prove a monthly income of 25,000. In fact one lawyer informed me that I would have to prove a monthly income of 2000 dollars! I don’t understand it because I just read in the TJ papers that 300 Haitians just applied for residency! HOW CAN THEY? They don’t have 230 or 852 dollars! I do believe these charges are based on one’s passport and not on any real law enacted by the Mexican Congress.

2.If the USA were to demand residency cards like the Mexican cards, it would legalize all the illegal aliens in the country. Of course, if all foreigners must provide proof of income of 1250 dollars a month, that would make most residency requests unobtainable. Nor would the residency card all the foreigner to work. A work permit would have to be requested once a residence card were obtained.

3.Here in Mexico, by law migracion must keep tabs on all foreigners. In the USA, once they enter the country and pass the ICE counter, immigration blocks them out of their minds.
I think the USA should adopt Mexican migracion law.


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[*] posted on 4-28-2017 at 10:05 PM

That's the GREAT thing about THINKING.

It might not have any value, but it doesn't cost anything.

As Sundance (Redford) said to Butch (Newman) " You just keep thinkin', Butch. That's what you're good at ".
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[*] posted on 4-30-2017 at 08:42 AM

me thinks I think too much therfore I think some more on that then..................meltdown...................
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