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Author: Subject: Elk Story
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[*] posted on 7-27-2017 at 10:51 PM

FB, since you're the OP I'll hijack your thread for a story on Jarbidge NV. It's as out-of-the-way as you can get in the U-S-A if you've ever been there... I had a young college student as a client in Salt Lake City back in the early 80's tell me he did an internship there as a conservation student, and said there was a bar there that had to be visited called the Red Dog Saloon... so OF COURSE I had to check it out, being a back-bar aficionado as I was... so my GF at the time and I ventured for a road party to the town.

When arriving we found the Red Dog Saloon was closed for remodeling, so the other bar in town (and I kid you not) the ''Outdoor Inn" was up and running... now keep in mind this is a town of a stabile population of about 300 plus or minus... this other bar was having a birthday party for everyone in town born in that particular summer month, plenty of cakes, pot lucks and stuff all over the place... and we were warmly greeted and asked to join the party. Being the same month I was allegedly born in, why not?? So, we indulged. For HOURS.

About 11 p.m. a man came in asking, "who are the strangers asking about the Red Dog Saloon?" That would be us. He was the owner, and had heard someone ventured all the way from Utah-haha to see his bar, and said, "C'mon, i'll show ya!" So, off we walked down a few steps to his establishment, and he unlocked and let us in, turned on the lights and Lo! and behold, there were some cots with workmen sleeping in the area... he said, "Roll over boyz, i'm showin' off the place!" and proceeded to show us the mysteries of his establishment, starting with some drinks at the bar, ON THE HOUSE, of course. I felt terrible about it, and told him we shouldn't be disturbing the hired help. He only laughed and said, "It's part of the dance, folks!" So we proceeded to hear some local yore and had two toddies, and at my insistence went back to the Outdoor Inn for more libations.

Now.... after everyone had left, it was in the wee hours, I asked the barmaid what time they closed because it were just the three of us... she said, "You ain't from around here are ya.... it's Nevada rules here, gent. You're buyin', I'm pourin'." I realized I was outside the Zion Curtain at that point. I ordered a n'ern. We finally found our way up-canyon at about 3 am (I think) and pulled off in my old camper van for the night.

Next morning I got outa the fart-sack and headed for a morning whizz next to the Jarbidge river, a beautiful lil trout stream, and said hello to a couple of mule deer watching me display my (reluctant) manhood to nature. The rest of the day was going over the Jarbidge wilderness mountains and down into the western flanks of the mountains into Wildhorse area, and then eventually back home. Incredibly large country. The whole of northeastern Nevada is still such an incredible journey.

Thanks for the memory lane, FB.

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[*] posted on 7-28-2017 at 06:42 AM

Pretty cool. Been through Jarbidge a few times and it pretty much the same. Thanks for sharing.
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