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Author: Subject: Need specifics for all the super secret surf
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[*] posted on 9-15-2017 at 04:03 PM

Quote: Originally posted by SFandH  
Big Baja surf. If only I could turn the clock back 3 or 4 decades........

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what the.......david nuuhiwa and gerry lopez on the same wave? :lol:
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[*] posted on 9-15-2017 at 04:34 PM

Not being a 'surfer-dude' I've always been intrigued by the beautiful symmetrical waves viewed from TP 1 on the stretch below San Quintin where for the last few miles before the Hwy turns inland and over the hill to El Rosario... never seen any campers or surfers in that area, although there are a few developments going up. Whazzup wit' that? Bad ju-ju?

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[*] posted on 9-15-2017 at 08:24 PM

I personally won't give up any info, but you can respect that. Long past are the days where you could roll up and camp for weeks without seeing another truck drive by, unfortunately.

Really, the best surfing in Baja is in the northernmost 50 miles and southernmost 50 miles of the peninsula.

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[*] posted on 9-16-2017 at 06:48 AM

Buddha, that place just aint that good. Socorro has better surf.

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[*] posted on 9-17-2017 at 07:31 AM

Decades ago that stretch was sometimes a weekend destination point. Definitely nice shaped peaks.nobody around though a little too close to road for my liking.a few shacks popped up and the stealing began.last time for us was when we ran off a guy that had crawled into tent in middle of night. We loaded up and ended up in old mill parking lot at 2 in the morning.
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