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Author: Subject: Something, some will never get.
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[*] posted on 5-6-2018 at 10:56 AM

Quote: Originally posted by David K  
Seriously, worry about road graders and highway builders and not Internet photo posts. The border will always be the biggest filter and the bad roads the final filter.

You're right. Distance and poor roads is what is still keeping crowds off, in some places. Internet photos still "help" changing the environment. You can't stop developers and road-builders, but photo posting is something that is entirely up to you.
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[*] posted on 5-6-2018 at 10:38 PM

There will be less to explore in 50 years than there is now. Those that ride/drive see the macro. Those that post up for a week or 4, see the micro. I can't stop the change, I only hope to make some aware of what they post makes a difference to others. I wasn't the first, but I loved my discovery of a place. Like I started with, some get it, some don't. Posting a video of you being cool inspires other to do the same. I'm sure it's good for one's ego, not so much for the pristine spot. " Why should I care I'm just blowing by it."
I am very aware that I an tilting at giants.

Quote: Originally posted by JZ  
Quote: Originally posted by MMc  
This isn't about a specific place. Your empty place that you ride in August, will be a full of campers in the winter. Go to another point in the summer and everybody is waiting for the south, empty in the winter.
20 years ago there were single tracks from TJ to Ensenada, how many now?

Fishing Ensenada to Castro's was great, now what is it? Is it like it was?

Going to PT. Canoas was a trip most wouldn't take, the road was F'ed, now not so much.
Every time a truck or car drives a double tract it gets better, pretty soon it is a road. Some will NEXER GET THAT...

I get it BAJA IS CHANGING, some of us wish it would slow down. I also wish that those don't have any skin in the game would not promote places they don't know, they just drove past.

Like I said before "if Beggars could ride."

I'm sorry you weren't the last one to find Baja.

50 years from now there will still be plenty to explore.

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"Never teach a pig to sing it frustrates you and annoys the pig" - W.C.Fields

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