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Author: Subject: Intro and questions
David K
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[*] posted on 8-25-2018 at 06:51 PM

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of Tacomas? Read TacomaWorld forums. Amazing posts, mods, and hemisphere-wide members with input. Much bigger than Nomad with many more forums based on the generation of Tacoma, location, and subject. Several Nomads are Tacoma World members, too.

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Ken Cooke
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[*] posted on 8-25-2018 at 07:36 PM

Personally, I wanted an Explorer to modify back in the mid 90s. I couldn't afford it, so I bought a Ranger instead. It was reliable until I began really using it off road. Non-OEM parts failed on it, but the misfire in one of the cylinders (not the rebuilt transmission) was the reason I sold it and bought a new 2003 Rubicon.

The Rubicon has been very reliable with 186,000 miles on the odometer. The suspension and steering have been upgraded twice, and recently - within the last year, sensors have needed to be replaced, I'm on its third alternator now, but so much needs to be replaced. I am weary of the stock clutch/flywheel - it will soon be replaced by a Centerforce 2. The stock air lockers have held up well with the 35" tires that I have been running.

My long arm suspension is impressive. I won't knock a Tacoma, it just wasn't what I have been interested in purchasing. More power to the Toyota crowd - Oh what a feeling, etc. When you get that itch to put down your top and pull your doors, Tacomas don't have the aftermarket. The IFS suspension doesn't allow the flexy trails that a Jeep can handle either. Follow me up Berdoo Canyon Road in January. You'll see how they shy away from some of the insane mining trails that my Rubicon walks right up.

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[*] posted on 8-26-2018 at 05:09 AM

The Jeep Rubicon is not comparable with a Tacoma or for that mater no other vehicle.
The Jeep has more things that most consider to be very negative yet for off road use there is nothing better. I do not use mine on a regular basis and two or three times a year it has to be repaired due to the tough trails I use it on. At this time it has been out of service for weeks due to an aftermarket broken part and the replacement part has to be modified to make it stronger to avoid ongoing issues. These darn aftermarket mods are somewhat marginal and have to be monitored and often be modified. Its really the pits to have to wait for the long down times.
Ever owned an off road racer? even worse due to the higher percentage of goofy poorly designed stuff.
Anyway it is something we of road guys live with to get the performance we desire. If you drive a Tacoma you would hate a Jeep.
A Jeep Rubicon are purpose built rig that stands alone for its desired function and other brands do not compare.
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John Harper

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[*] posted on 8-26-2018 at 05:40 AM

I've had two Rangers. One went 240K before I sold it, my current one has 190K. Neither one has had any more than routine maintenance issues. I do perform almost all work on my vehicles, so maybe that helps. My current one is a 2000, but the interior looks almost showroom condition as does the exterior. Both trucks have been reliable and easy to work on vehicles for me. Can't see getting rid of my current Ranger for a long time, if ever.

A lot better than the long string of VW's of all types I owned before. Don't miss rebuilding engines at all, nor valve adjustments, etc.

If I ever get another truck, it would likely be a Toyota, but I'm not really happy how "bloated" all these small trucks are now, closer to full size. Even the new Ranger looks puffy.

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