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Author: Subject: kilometer marker lists
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[*] posted on 11-28-2018 at 12:39 PM
kilometer marker lists


since the search function on this forum does not work well - where did you post your kilometer marker lists?

Harald Pietschmann
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David K
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[*] posted on 11-28-2018 at 01:17 PM

Hi Harald,
They are in the Road Conditions forum on Nomad.
Here is the direct link:

Here is the list:

Kilometer numbers for Hwy 1:

KM 0 Tijuana at the U.S. Border. Take "Scenic Road" (Hwy. 1-D, toll road) to KM 34.5 and exit onto Free Road, with shorter kilometer distance from the border. *See figures below if remaining on toll road.

KM 28 marker on free road, south Rosarito.
KM 33+ Corridor 2000 (BC #201) to Otay Border or Tecate highway.
KM 44.5 Pemex/ Puerto Nuevo
KM 47 Cantamar, sand dunes just south of town.
KM 49+ Road east to El Descanso, a mission from 1830 behind the church, 1/2 mile.
KM 52.5 Splash and just south is the Half Way House (restaurants).
KM 65.5 La Misión and 1788 site of Mission San Miguel.
KM 83 Paved road east to Valled de Guadalupe.
KM 95.5 Junction with Toll Road (Hwy. 1-D, KM 99.5).

*If remaining on toll road, south of Rosarito:

Hwy. 1-D: KM 74 La Salina Marina, old road to La Misión.
Hwy. 1-D: KM 78 Bajamar
Hwy. 1-D: KM 84 Overlook, El Mirador
Hwy. 1-D: KM 99 Last Toll Gate, San Miguel Village
Hwy. 1-D: KM 99.5 Junction with free road, Highway 1.

KM 101.5 Jct with Hwy 3 from Tecate
KM 107.5 Fork in highway, take right branch along coast.
KM 110+ Ensenada harbor

Reset Kilometer to 0 at Ensenada:

KM 21+ La Bufadora/ Punta Banda highway
KM 31 Las Cañadas campground/ waterpark
KM 37.5 Military Checkpoint
KM 40.5 Acambaro, market and restaurant. Rancho La Grulla.
KM 41.5 Uruapan road east
KM 47 Puerto Santo Tomás, La Bocana road west
KM 50 Santo Tomas/ El Palomar RV Park
KM 79 Paved road to Erendira
KM 88.5 Mission San Vicente road west.
KM 90 San Vicente (Pemex)
KM 102.5+ Graded road to Valle de Trinidad, 40 mi.
KM 128 Colonet
KM 131 Hotel Paraiso Colonet
KM 140.5 Paved road to Meling Ranch, National Park, and Observatory
KM 149.5 Punta San Jacinto road west
KM 157 Camalu
KM 169+ Access to Bahia San Ramon/ Mission Santo Domingo Rd. east
KM 189 Restaurant Misión Santa Isabel
KM 191/192 Several Hotels both sides.

Reset Kilometer 196/0 South of San Quintin:

KM 1 Old Mill, Don Eddie's, Campo Lorenzo paved road west
KM 1.5 Los Olivos RV Park, Baja Jardines (motel and restaurant) west.
KM 3 Old Pier
KM 11 Los Pinos Pemex, paved road west to Hotel Mision Santa Maria and Motel Cielito Lindo
KM 16 El Pabellon RV Park
KM 16+ Parcela 12 (restaurant)
KM 16.5 Fidel's El Pabellon RV Park
KM 25.5 Playa El Socorro
KM 47.5 La Lobera (3 mi)
KM 57 El Rosario Pemex 'Baja Cactus' (motel next door)
KM 57.5 (at sharp left curve) El Rosario de Abajo, Punta Baja road right.
KM 58 El Rosario Plaza/Police Station
KM 58.5 Mission El Rosario ruins, uphill north on concrete street
KM 59 Loncheria El Faro restaurant
KM 59.5 Restaurant La Pasadita
Km 60.5 Turista Motel, Baja's Best B&B El Rosario
KM 80 & 81 Access to Punta San Carlos, Las Pintas fossil grotto.
KM 82 Road right to Rancho El Sauce camping and cabins (10 kms.)
KM 103+ Restaurant Sacrificio. Road north to San Juan de Dios, Los Martires, etc.
KM 108+ Loncheria El Descanso
KM 116.5 Hector's Monument
KM 121+ El Progresso/ Mission San Fernando road
KM 129 Café La Pasadita
KM 131 Rancho Las Cuates (tire repair)
KM 132+ Road to Puerto Santa Catarina (37 mi) & Canoas (44 mi)
KM 132.5 Guayaquil road (an abandoned town 1/2 mile north)
KM 145 San Agustin, abandoned gas station and RV park.
KM 149 El Marmol access (9 miles)
KM 149.5 Sonora Cafe, onyx curios (closed in June 2017)
KM 160.5+ Agua Dulce access, (2 miles: go left at 1.4 mi., go .3 mi. then turn right for .3 more. Ranch now on site.)
KM 168 Access to Pacific Coast & San Telmo Onyx mine, mine turnoff left at 10.7 mi. in
KM 176 Rock Art parking
KM 179-180 Cataviña
KM 180.5+ Rancho Santa Ynez
KM 191.5 Monument to Highway Crews, Restaurant San Ignacito
KM 196 Rancho San Martin.
KM 210 El Pedregoso Rock mtn west side
KM 213 Access east to Turquesa Canyon Grade
KM 233+ Jct Hwy 5 from Cocos (12.7 mi.) and Gonzaga Bay (35 mi.)
KM 234 Access west to Pacific Ocean at Playa Christie. 4WD only.
KM 251 Access to Mission Calamajue (left in 5.4 mi., 13.8 to mission)
KM 252 Access to Pacific at Bahia Blanco, very rough 4WD only.
KM 261 El Crucero, Calamajue Canyon road (15.3 miles to mission, 28.0 to Coco's, 50.3 mi. to Gonzaga Bay)
KM 270 Access SE to El Desengaño gold mine (AB), NE to Rancho San Luis.
KM 270.5 4x4 Access to Pacific Ocean joins Rd from KM252 in 9.3 miles.
KM 282/0 Jcn Hwy to LA Bay

* Updated June 2017

On L.A. Bay Hwy:

KM 11.5+ Road north to El Desengaño and Tinaja de Yubay.
KM 18 Road north to Luz de Mexico gold mine.
KM 38.5 Road north to Bahía Guadalupe/Remedios and Los Candeleros.
KM 45 San Borja access
KM 65 Pemex Gas Station
KM 66 L.A. Bay/ La Gringa Road Jcn.

On Hwy. 1, at L.A. Bay Jcn.: Reset Kilometer to 282/0:

KM 13.5 Punta Prieta
KM 38.5 Hwy to Santa Rosalillita
KM 52 Nuevo Rosarito village and access to Mission San Borja
KM 54.5 Restaurant La Cienega
KM 62.5 Access to Pacific Ocean by Altamira, Punta Rosarito.
KM 69 Military Checkpoint. Access to El Tomatal and Campo Esmeralda
KM 70 Access east to El Marmolito, onyx mine
KM 95 Villa Jesus Maria (new signs "Valle Jesus María" in error)
KM 95.5 Hotel Villa del Mar
KM 96 Laguna Manuela access (take dirt road left aftet 0.8 mi)
KM 121.5 Road west to sand dune field, 0.5 mi.
KM 123 Road east to pronghorn reserve, 1.6 mi.
KM 124.5 Paved road west to airport and dirt road on into Guerrero Negro.
KM 127 Eagle Monument, State border, Mountain time zone.

Reset Kilometer to 127/220 at Eagle Monument and note KMs get smaller going south, now in Baja Ca Sur:

KM 220 Eagle Monument, State Border, Time Zone change
KM 219 Agricultural inspection/ spray.
KM 216/217 Guerrero Negro paved road west junction
KM 207.5 Access west to whale watching
KM 189 Jct Hwy. to El Arco
KM 154.5 Road NE to Guillermo Prieto/ Santa Gertrudis/ San Francisquito
KM 144 Vizcaino
KM 133 Access to old Baja 1000 course east side northbound
KM 124 Microwave tower Los Angeles
KM 117+ Jct Road to San Francisco de la Sierra
KM 97+ Jct Hwy to Punta Abreojos
KM 88 Microwave tower Abulon
KM 77 Military Checkpoint
KM 73 San Ignacio
KM 52+ Santa Marta road
KM 35 Microwave tower Caguama
KM 31.5 Jcn. Hotel & Geo plant Tres Virgenes
KM 17/18 Microwave tower Almeja
KM 0 Santa Rosalia

Reset Kilometer to 0/197 at Santa Rosalia:

KM 189/190 Prison
KM 180 Microwave tower San Lucas
KM 168/169 San Jose de Magdalena access
KM 162/163 Boca de Magdalena access
KM 155/156 Palo Verde/ Punta Chivato access
KM 150+ Playa Santa Ines road
KM 135/136 Mulege
KM 130 South Mulege Pemex
KM 118+ Playa Frambes Resort access
KM 114 Playa Santispac
KM 111+ Playa La Escondida
KM 110.5 Los Cocos
KM 108.5 Playa El Burro
KM 107 Playa El Coyote
KM 93+ Playa Buenaventura
KM 92 Playa El Requesón/ La Perla
KM 90+ Playa Armenta
KM 74 Access to east side of Bahia Concepcion.
KM 62 Rosarito, San Nicolas road
KM 59+ Jct road west to San Isidro and La Purisima
KM 48.5 San Juanico & San Basilio public road.
KM 40 San Basilio private road.
KM 30 San Juan Bautista Londo access
KM 26+ San Bruno area access.
KM 24 Military Checkpoint.
KM 0 Loreto

Reset Kilometer KM0/119 at Loreto:

KM 117+ San Javier Hwy.
KM 103 Restaurant Vista del Mar/ Playa Notri
KM 99.5 View parking
KM 97.5 Juncalito village road
KM 97 Beach access
KM 94 Puerto Escondido
KM 84+ Ligui village, beach access.
KM 83 Danzante Bay Resort road
KM 63.5 Jct Road to Agua Verde (paved for 10 kms.)
KM 0 Ciudad Insurgentes, left turn for south

Reset Kilometer KM0/237 at the turn, in Insurgentes:

KM 211.5 Paved road west to Puerto SanCarlos (57 kms.)
KM 210 Ciudad Constitucion
KM 195 Jct Graded road east to Mission San Luis Gonzaga (22 miles)
KM 180 Access road west to Puerto Cancun
KM 173 Graded road west to Puerto Cancun
KM 157 Santa Rita and graded road west to Puerto Chale
KM 154 Road east to San Andres and beyond
KM 127.5 Graded road northeast towards San Luis Gonzaga/ La Presa
KM 112.5 Las Pocitas, road east to La Soledad and San Evaristo
KM 110.5 Road west to Rancho Sante Fe
KM 79.5 Road west to Punta Conejo (9.4 miles)
KM 60 Microwave tower el Cardon
KM 55.5 Road west to La Aguja (14 miles)
KM 38+ Paved road to Ejido Conquista (18 miles) and Punta Marquez (4.7 additional, unpaved miles)
KM 21 Federal Police Checkpoint
KM 17 Paved road north to San Juan de la Costa, dirt road beyond to San Evaristo
KM 8 Dove Monument, Enter La Paz, left fork. Right fork to continue south.

La Paz to Cabo San Lucas: The first kilometer marker seen is KM. 200 and that is 9.5 miles (15 kms.) from the Dove Monument.

KM. 189 San Pedro
KM. 185 Highway 19 to Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas junction.
KM. 178 Road north to San Blas.
KM. 163 El Triunfo
KM. 155.5 San Antonio, paved road north to San Juan de los Planes.
KM. 147 Road south to Sierra de San Antonio.
KM. 127.5 San Bartolo
KM. 110 Los Barriles entrance
KM. 107 Buena Vista, village.
KM. 105 Buena Vista Resort
KM. 103 Rancho Leonero Resort
KM. 92.5 Paved road east to La Ribera (Rivera) and Cabo Pulmo.
KM. 84.5 Paved road west to Santiago.
KM. 81.5 Tropic of Cancer, museum.
KM. 71 Paved road west to Miraflores and Boca de la Sierra.
KM. 65.5 Paved road west to Caduaño.
KM. 62.5 Paved road east to Las Casitas.
KM. 54.5 Dirt road west over mountains, called the 'Los Naranjos' road.
KM. 46 Santa Anita
KM. 43 Los Cabos Airport, bypass highway to Cabo San Lucas & Todos Santos.
KM. 32 North entrance to downtown San José del Cabo, mission, etc.
KM. 31 Central town entrance, Walmart.
KM. 30 Hotel and estuary park access street, south San José del Cabo.
KM. 16 El Tule Beach access.
KM. 14.5 El Chileno Bay beach parking.
KM. 12.5 Santa María beach parking.
KM. 5 Pemex and Costco entrance.
KM. 2 Junction with Highway 19 north to Todos Santos and La Paz.
KM. 0 Marina, Cabo San Lucas.


Highway 19 to Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas

KM. 47+ Todos Santos Bypass road forks left. Todos Santos is ahead.
KM. 49.5 Church and playground next to the highway was the original 1733 mission location in Todos Santos. Moved south to the town plaza site in 1825.
KM. 51 Todos Santos, center.
KM. 56 Rejoin with the bypass road.
KM. 57+ Road to the southwest to San Pedrito tropical beach walk.
KM. 62 El Pescadero
KM. 79 Beach access
KM. 100.5 Beach access El Migriño
KM. 117 Toll Highway to San José del Cabo
KM. 124 Enter Cabo San Lucas. Junction with Highway 1 at Km. 2.



KM. 2 Libramiento de la Paz
KM. 23 Road south to Los Divisaderos, San Blas.
KM. 37 Paved road north to La Ventana (8 kms.) and El Sargento (10 kms.)
KM. 40.5 Paved road south to San Antonio on Hwy. 1 (21 kms.)
KM. 44/0 San Juan de los Planes
KM. 3 Sharp turn to north. Dirt road east here to Los Barriles, ~30 mi.
KM. 11.5 Road left to Punta Arena, 3.7 miles.
KM. 13 End of Pavement. Ensenada de los Muertos is 1.5 kms. (0.9 mi) ahead.



KM 27 Road east to Mission San Javier and on to Loreto.
KM 64.5 Highway northeast to San Miguel Comondú.
KM 88 Highway west to Las Barrancas (4.5 miles) and on north to San Juanico (35 miles).
KM 114 La Purísima.
*Aug. 2017


Mexicali to Tecate via Highway 2-D from Highway 5, 83 miles

Km. 12.5 (Mile 0) Hwy. 2-D, Libramiento de Mexicali at Hwy. 5 westbound.
Km. 13.5+ (Mile 0.7) Toll booth Mexicali (75 pesos).
Km. 14 (Mile 1.0) Pemex station/ restrooms.
Km. 41 (Mile 18.1) Junction with 4-lane Highway 2 at Km. 18.
Km. 24 Laguna Salada access road.
Km. 28 Guadalupe Canyon access road.
Km. 42 Military Checkpoint.
Km. 42.5 Pemex station/ Oxxo market (under construction).
Km. 61.5 Toll booth La Rumorosa (24 pesos).
Km. 92.5 Toll booth El Hongo (70 pesos).
Km. 117+ Exit toll Highway 2-D for free Highway 2 (Tecate east) for the border.



KM 11.5 Albercas Tamana (campground)
KM 13.5+ Pemex/ Oxxo
KM 28-29 Valle las Palmas
KM 32 Rancho Viejo north access on the older highway route
KM 36 Rancho Viejo south access on the older highway route
KM 49 Market
KM 76.5+ Guadalupe Valley Pemex, Francisco Zarco entrance
KM 81.5 Museum of Wine
KM 83 Road to Laja restaurant
KM 91.5+ Paved road west to Hwy. 1 (at Los Tigres)
KM 93 Mustafa's Restaurant
KM 94 Pemex/ Oxxo
KM 101.5 (future) Libramiento de Ensenada junction
KM 105 End of Hwy. 3 at Highway 1 (1-D) KM 101
KM 111 (Hwy. 1-D) Ensenada


KM 9.5 Horsepower Ranch entrance road.
KM 19 Access to the Wall on race course.
KM 26 Access to Agua Caliente Hot Springs, south.
KM 33 SCORE race course return route.
KM 39 Pemex Gas Station, Military Checkpoint
KM 39.5 Ojos Negros turn off, north.
KM 54.5 Road north to Laguna Hanson (20 mi) and La Rumorosa (58 mi)
KM 85.5 Road west to El Alamo (9 mi).
KM 91+ Heroes de la Independencia, at road east to Santa Catarina, 5 miles, concrete road. Mission Santa Catalina site is 5.4 miles.
KM 109 Ejido Jamau Road east (5 mi)
KM 117.5 'Goat Trail'.
KM 120+ Valle de Trinidad. Pemex.
KM 130+ Children Orphanage 'El Oasis', Malcolm Smith supports it.
KM 137.5 Mike Sky Rancho access (20 mi.).
KM 141 San Matias village
KM 151 Access to Diablo Dry Lake, in arroyo.
KM 152.5 Access to Arroyo Grande.
KM 162.5 & 163 Access to Diablo Dry Lake by graded road.
KM 173 Access to Borrego pit area.
KM 179.5 Borrego crossing for races.
KM 195 Military Checkpoint
KM 196 Jct with Hwy 5 at KM140.5.
*August 2018


HWY 5:
KM 0 Hwy. 2 & Hwy. 5 Fork (5 mi. from border southbound)
KM 4 Pemex
KM 4.5+ Pemex
KM 8 Hwy. 2-D Toll road junction.
KM 10.5 Pemex
KM 15.5 Pemex
KM 31 Pemex, La Puerta
KM 38 Hwy. BC 4 junction.
KM 40 Access to Laguna Salada thru mtns.
KM 49 Access to Laguna Salada east side and sulfur mine.
KM 51.5 Campo Sonora
KM 55 Campo Rio del Mayor
KM 86.5 Saldana I and Tres Pozos.
KM 89 Saldana II and access to Arroyo Grande wells.
KM 105 La Ventana.
KM 106.5 Access thru mtn to Arroyo Grande wells, and to Pole Line Road.
KM 123 Gold mine road.
KM 133 Access to race courses.
KM 140.5 Jct with Hwy 3 KM197.
KM 141.5 Military Checkpoint
KM 149 Race course access.
KM 159 Race course access.
KM 168 Race course access.
KM 171.5 Villas Cortez, palapa camping (no vehicle near palapa allowed)
KM 173.5 Playa Grande, palapa camping
KM 177.5 Pete's Camp El Paraiso, camping
KM 178.5 Pemex Gas Station
KM 179 Playa del Oro, Road Runner Restaurant
KM 180 Campo Los Compadres, palapa camping
KM 181 New Valle Chico Road. (Colonia Morelia, 60 kms.)
KM 181.5 Campo Pai Pai, open camping
KM 183 Playas del Sol, palapa camping
KM 184 Pemex Gas Station
KM 184 Campo El Pescador road
KM 190 San Felipe Entrance Arches.

* Updated March 2017

South of San Felipe:
KM 0 Airport access
KM 20.5+ Rancho Percebu access
KM 26 Shell Island access (1.9 mi.)
KM 31 Bahia Santa Maria access
KM 32 Nuevo Mazatlan/El Sahuaro access
KM 35.5 Colonia Delicias
KM 49+ El Coloradito access
KM 52 Old Puertecitos Rd, race course.
KM 54 Campo Cristina access
KM 58/59 Los Olivos access
KM 60 Matomi wash.
KM 72 Campo La Toba
KM 73 Cow Patty Bar
KM 74.5 Puertecitos access
KM 83 Bahia Cristina
KM 84.5 La Costilla
KM 99 Paved Pullout/Viewpoint
KM 103 Nacho's El Huerfanito
KM 117 Okie Landing (site)
KM 127 Campo Delfines (1 km. south of pavement end in July 2012).
KM 133.5 La Poma Restaurant/ Camping (1.0 mi in)
KM 135.5 Punta Bufeo road (1.4 mi. in)
KM 143 Papa Fernandez' road
KM 145 Military Checkpoint
KM 147 Gonzaga Pemex/ Alfonsina's road/ Rancho Grande
KM 149 Camp Beluga (2 mi.), El Sacrificio (4 mi.)
KM 155 Arroyo Santa María bridge
KM 156 Punta Final road
KM 159 Las Palmitas road
KM 167.5 END OF PAVEMENT (2014-2017)
In Aug. 2017, 1 additional km. of paved road was open.

This list is the combination of data submitted by Baja Nomads. Please add any more that apply in a reply or u2u.

Thank you.

AUG. 16, 2018 HWY. 5 NEW ALIGNMENT (Coco's Bypass) where passable:

Mile 0.0 (KM. 167.5) A detour road goes right, log continues on the new road. Most traffic still using old road, some use new, going around a small sand berm. There are no missing bridges or hazards other than fallen rocks if using new highway route from here.

Mile 0.3 (KM. 168) The last kilometer sign noted.

Mile 0.7 End of paving southbound.

Mile 1.1 Another detour road down to the right to the older road.

Mile 1.6 On a very high bridge. Seen from older route below and to the west.

Mile 2.4 Detour road/old road crosses new. All traffic now uses the new road from here south.

Mile 3.3 Road west to La Turquesa Canyon (not driven this trip).

Mile 5.3 Detour route forks left to the old road via Coco's Corner. Most traffic still uses. Log continues on new highway route. Off-highway vehicles only because of a rough detour to the old road.

Mile 5.5 Las Arrastras Bridge. See caves and large arrastra (gold ore grinding wheel) down to the east of the highway. New road bed heads upslope, cutting through ridges. Road base never completed, many rocks to dodge and rain erosion for apparent abandonment of the project.

Mile 10.1 Leave new roadbed (which ends ahead at top of the mountain cut) on detour/access road going down 0.9 mi. to the older road, south from Coco's Corner. This is an SUV/truck/4x4 style road for 0.9 mile.

Mile 11.0 On old road, damaged construction sign and orange cones are all that mark this junction.

Mile 11.8 Construction camp, parked equipment, almost no activity.

Mile 12.4 New highway will junction about here when completed, coming over the mountain from Mile 10.1 above. This will cut approx. 1 mile from this logged distance when open.

Mile 14.0 Pavement begins.

Mile 15.5 Detour right, off the pavement to the older road for most vehicles. A deep dust detour ahead at end of paving. 4WD vehicles only.

Mile 18.5 End of pavement, large sand pile on road, only deep dust (silt) tracks from here to old (detour) road. 1 mile to Highway 1.

Mile 19.5 Highway 1/ Laguna Chapala/ Km. 200 sign for Hwy. 5 end. I will estimate the final kilometer will be reduced slightly once the highway is in.

Estimated New Highway Kilometer Figures when open to traffic, using satellite images:

KM 167.5 End of Pavement 2014-2017
KM 168.5+ End of Pavement 2018
KM 170+ High Bridge
KM 171.5+ Cross older route
KM 173+ La Turquesa Canyon access road west
KM 176+ Dirt road to Coco's Corner forks to left (southeast, 4.5 miles)
KM 176.5+ Las Arrastras de Arriola bridge gold mill ruins on east side cliff.
KM 184.5 Detour road left, down to older route (0.9 mile). Ahead unfinished in 2018
KM 192.5+ Detour road right, down off pavement in 2018.
KM 196.5 End of Pavement sand berm blocking road, 4WD dust around berm.
KM 198.5 Hwy. 1, Laguna Chapala. (KM 200 sign posted)

Compared to the older route via Coco's Corner, the new route is 3.3 miles shorter. Currently using as much newer route as possible, with the .9 mi detour down to the older route, it is 2.3 miles shorter than going by Coco's Corner. The .9 mi detour is very rough, however. No trailers or non-4WD vehicles recommended.

[Edited on 11-28-2018 by David K]

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[*] posted on 11-28-2018 at 04:53 PM

thanks David!

Harald Pietschmann
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David K
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[*] posted on 11-28-2018 at 05:31 PM

My pleasure Harald!
I hope you are not in too much pain and that there is light somewhere down this long tunnel of misery!

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[*] posted on 11-28-2018 at 05:32 PM

it is a tunnel indeed - no light yet

Harald Pietschmann
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[*] posted on 11-29-2018 at 12:30 PM

So sorry amigo!
You have a paradise of a compound and I hope that helps heal your spirits if not your bones!

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