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Baja Bernie - 3-27-2007 at 05:43 PM

A work in progress. I have run this by David K and have I agreed to coordinate his lists with others that are submitted for inclusion and will attempt to maintain it for the benefit of all Nomads.

This comprehensive list will be available on ĎBaja Looking Backí for anyone to access. I will bring it up, about once a month, for General Discussion to remind folks that is available and so they can recommend additions was we move along.

Iíll start with the simple, that always works for me, links and then start to compile actual lists of books and authors. I will also include links to several book dealers who carry Baja books that some would wish to buy.

As we go along with this project it will be duplicated of Davidís sight so that it will be available to more folks.

I'm sure guys and gals like Lera, Neal, dean miller, mextron, and many others will be interested in helping to make this a first class repository for the books we all love to read, trade, sell, or whatever.

One last thing,,,,,,,,,,should criticism be called for or necessary please be gently. (Neals) (Neals list) (Rockmans post) (more from Neal)

Okay so far this endeavor makes little sense but hopefully it will smooth out with a bit of elbow grease.

El Rosario Baja Book Library Collection

David K - 3-27-2007 at 05:59 PM

Here is the list posted by John M...

posted on 8-8-2006 at 05:10 AM

Newest combined book list

Keeping tabs on what has been donated, here is what I have as the most current list.

When we were last in El Rosario I talked with Antonio about these things. He is still as enthused as the rest of us. His concern is that the books don't grow legs and wander off into the wilds of Baja.

The custom built bookcase is a dandy.

John M.

New alphabetical (by titlle) listing of the books either promised for, or donated for, the Baja Cactus Motel Library, as of this date:

July 19, 2006.

AAA Mexico Travel Book

AAA Baja California - 1987

Air and fire ? Rupert Thomson

Almost an Island - Travels in Baja California - Bruce Berger

Angler's Guide to Baja California - Tom Miller

Angler?s Guide to Baja California ? Tom Miller - 1979

Baja Adventure Book, The - Walt Peterson

Baja Adventures by Land-Air-Sea c1981 by Mavin & Aletha Patchen

Baja Book II, The, c1977 by Tom Miller

Baja Book II, The - Tom Miller

Baja California, AAA Auto Club, ?95

Baja California - William Johnson ? (Time-Life Book)

Baja California and its Missions by Tomas Robertson,

Baja California and the Geography of Hope. Joseph Wood Krutch / Eliot
Porter. 1969. paperback.

Baja California ? Lonely Planet guide

Baja California ? Lonely Planet guide, 5th ed 2001

Baja HaHa ? Hoctor

Baja Handbook, Joe Cummings, Feb ?92

Baja Journey - Reveries of a Sea Kayaker - Robin Carey

Baja Legends ? note ? no author shown

Beaches of Baja - Walt Wheelock

Birds of North America ? Golden Field Guide

Butterflies and Moths ? Peterson First Guides ? Paul Opter

Cacti ? Tribune Books - 1973

Cave Paintings of Baja California. Harry W. Crosby (autographed). 1997.
hardcover with dustjacket.

California Desert Wildflowers. Philip A. Munz, Univ Calif Press. 1962.

California Missions Pictorial, McConalogue, 1965

Capturing Rainfall ? Small Scale Water Supply Systems, State of CA - 1981

Desert Tree Finder, May Watts - 1974

Desert Wildlife, by Edmund Jaeger, 1961

Discoverying the Geology of Baja CA : Six Hikes on the So. Gulf Coast - Markes Johnson

Diving and Snorkling Baja, CA, Lonely Planet, Walt Peterson Feb ?99

Diving and Snorkling Guide, Cozumel, 2nd ed., Pices Books

Due South Los Cabos - Stephanie Marceau

Essentials of Sea Kayaking - ?

Field Guide to Pacific Coast Fishes of No America - Gulf of Alaska to Baja CA - William Eschmeyer

Fishes of California and Western Mexico. Burgess and Axelrod. 1984.

Fodor?s Baja & Mexico ? Pacific Coast Resorts - 1991

Fossis, A Golden Guide ? Frank Rhodes

Friendly Whales -A Whalewatchers' Guide to the Gentle Gray Whales of Baja Ca - Roy NIckerson

Frommer's Great Outdoor Guide to So CA and Baja - Andrew Rice

Girl of the Sea of Cortez. The, Peter Benchley. 1982. paperback
God and Mr. Gomez by Jack Smith

Hunting the Desert Whale; Personal Adventures in Baja Calif. Erle Stanley
Gardner. 1960. hardback with dustjacket.

King's Highway in Baja California, The, Harry Crosby.

Land Hermit Crabs ? Paul Nash - 2001

Las Misiones Antiguas, the Spanish Missions of Baja California c2002 by Edward Vernon

Life of John Muir

Lizards ? David R. Molnich - 1995

Log from the Sea of Cortez. The, John Steinbeck. 1941. paperback.

Lower California Guidebook 4th Edition c1967 by Gerhard and Gulick

Naturalists Guide, Deserts of the Southwest ? Peggy Larson - 1977

New Baja Handbook, Crow? 1973

North American Birds book

Offbeat Baja c1977 by Jim Hunter

Old Gringo, The by Carlos Fuentes

Other Side, The - Journeys in Baja CA - Judy Botello

Painted Turtles ? Jerry Walls ? TFH Publications - 1996

Passports Travel Guide to Mexico ? Thomas Cook - 1995

Pictorial of the Americas, A, Ansel Adams

Rockhounding Articles, misc xerox copies, bound.

Sailfin Lizard ? John Coburn - 1996

Saints and Demons in a Desert Wilderness, A History and Guide to Baja California's Spanish Missions c2003 by Dave Werschkul

Scorpion Man; Exploring the World of Scorpions. Laurence Pringle.1994.

Scorpions ? Charlene Billings ? Dodd, Mead & Co. - 1983

Sea Kayaking - Johan Loots

Sea of Cortez, The, c1966 by Ray Cannon

Sea Shells ? Orbis Books

Shell Book, The, ? Ronashko

Snakes ? TFH Publications - 1994

Southern California and Baja - Judy Wade

Spanish/English Dictionaries (3)

Stars, A Gold Guide ? Herbert Zin

Sunset Travel Guide, July 1973

Time of the Bells- When California Began c1961 by Richard Pourade

Todos Santos Book, The, Lee Moore (autographed). 1996. Spiralbound.

Water Quality in the Kumiai Communities of Baja Calif, and Building a Kumeyaay Environmental Strategy. Native cultures Institute,1996. Spiralbound.

Whales ? Lesley Dow - 1990

World Food ? Mexico ? Lonely Planet

Bound articles:

San Diego History ? Winter 89 ? A History of Santa Rosalia in Baja California
San Diego History ? Spring 1976 ? El Camino Real in Baja California
San Diego History ? Winter 1980 ? The Baja California Gold Rush of 1889
San Diego History ? Fall 75 ? Problems of the Serra Route
The Trout of the Sierra San Pedro Martir ? Lower California ? John Snyder


American Archaeology
Baja Life magazines, early issues (3)
Desert ? 1956
National Geographic, October 1989 ? La Ruta Maya
National Geographic, December 1992 ? Whale Sharks
National Geographic, February 1994 ? Sea Turtle story
National Geographic Adventure
Saltwater Sportsman
Scuba Diving Magazine ? Dec 05/Mar, Jun, Jul, Aug 06
Sunset Travel Guide, July 1973


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