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Author: Subject: Tijuana city cop curruption again

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[*] posted on 4-21-2018 at 01:02 PM

I will forward your I like drugs and the crime, murder, and theft that goes with it to the police, north and south of the border.

Are you a Tijuana police man that sells drugs for a living?
To hell with all the crime victims, as long as joe gets a velvet pillow.

It has been over 2,000 years since any one group had a monoply on heroine distribution like the central intelligence agency does now. The Vietnam war and the civil war in Guatemala were about the Heroine poppy. Allen Dulles crafted this.

Joe promotes massmurder for drugs and wealth.

Quote: Originally posted by JoeJustJoe  
Quote: Originally posted by joerover  
Tijuana police are drug dealers.
Most of it crosses the border.
many a gringo has been bandidoed by TJ cops who were high on heroine. Who are those guys yelling quantos quantos on the side walk? They work for the police department and sell meth.

before joe joe sticks up for the curoption, joe their exported drugs make the street you live on unsafe.
Trump is against drugs.
George Bush within one hour of takeing office ordered the coast guard not to search for drugs, and only search for terrorists.

Hillary and friends proffit from the drugs Trump wants to stop.
and joe, can not see this

One question Joerover, are you one of the buyers from the guys yelling quantos quantos?

I ask because it's pretty obvious you are on something that's very strong.

I understand some drug dealers openly sell drugs like that in the Zona Norte, and specifically in the alley, Callejon Coahuila. If that's where you are witnessing these open drug sales, Joerover, who cares?

Drug use should be decriminalized in both the US, Mexico, and around the world, and in the mean time, big cities like Tijuana, should have these decriminalized areas where adults can find their favorite vice, free from cops that want to arrest you for even having a small quantity of drugs, which is already decriminalized in Mexico, but at the same times arrests are sometimes still being made, or people they pull over or stop on the street are still subject to harassment.

Nothing is gained by putting drug dealers, drug users, and junkies in prison. Donald Trump's wanting to borrow the insane practices of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who practices capital punishment on drug dealers, is beyond insane, except in the Philippines there is often no trial, and the cops kill suspected drug dealers right on the streets!

BTW, the gringos who go down to Tijuana, and drive around in the Zona Norte, like the OP in this thread, aren't so innocent all the time.

Tijuana finest, know that gringos, especially the younger ones, are not only there for the ladies, but they are also there for the illicit drugs. If a corrupt TJ cops decides to just make random stops on just gringos from the US. They could make a pretty good living asking the people they stop to pay them directly, because chances are they people they stop will either be drunk, high on drugs, or have drugs on their body or car the Mexico police fine.

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