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Author: Subject: Los Barrilles beaches
John Harper
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[*] posted on 1-19-2019 at 08:16 AM

Quote: Originally posted by weebray  
Quote: Originally posted by John Harper  
Quote: Originally posted by weebray  
like a blind ham and wait for something to pounce on.

I've never heard this simile, can you explain? I love a good metaphor or simile! Never know when they'll come in handy.


I apologice in advance for the insensitivity but "ham" operators tend to be a bit myopic and spend their time searching tha airwaves in desperaton for a conversation to jump in to.

Oh, that makes sense! Very clever.

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[*] posted on 1-19-2019 at 08:36 AM

Quote: Originally posted by weebray  
Interesting comments, wrong, but interesting. You are entitled to your uninformed opinion..... Some of you guys should change your handle to "To Do". Apparently, you have nothing "to do" but sit around at the computer like a blind ham and wait for something to pounce on. I take that back, if you changed your name I wouldn't know who to ignore. Peace

[Edited on 1-19-2019 by weebray]

Weebray, I find it funny you think you're so much in the right, when in your own post below implies it's your opinion, which BTW is so clueless in light the US Congress just passed a justice reform bill, because the criminal laws in the US are anything but absolute and incontrovertible.

Now quit making excuses for fat guys riding around ATVs on the beach which causes noise pollution, kills the turtles nests, and causes environmental damages.

Weebray wrote:

Again my take here is that the two countries approach the law in two different ways. In the US the law is considered absolute and incontrovertible. 

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[*] posted on 1-31-2019 at 08:20 AM

Anyone have an update on this, I saw that there was a meeting planned on it.
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[*] posted on 1-31-2019 at 01:03 PM

Quote: Originally posted by mxracer50  
Anyone have an update on this, I saw that there was a meeting planned on it.

From FB:

“Everything Los Barriles...”

Delagacion de Los Barriles activities & meetings:

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[*] posted on 2-1-2019 at 07:06 AM

The 2972–012719 version of thebajaponyexpress on JANUARY 27, 2019 had this update.

"Normally I wouldn’t say this without official verification but I heard from a very reliable source that all vehicles on the beach may be confiscated beginning possibly this Monday 1/28/19. Does anyone have any concrete knowledge of this situation?"
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[*] posted on 2-1-2019 at 09:05 AM

I think the best way to protect a beach is to build a big hotel. I am dead serious.
No vehicles on the beach. Turtles are protected.
All guests are at the pool. Turtles are protected.
No locals enjoying the weekend. Turtles are protected.

Harald Pietschmann
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[*] posted on 2-1-2019 at 10:42 AM

The Delegacion has no authority to either block roads, arroyos or beach access, nor enforce transit laws, nor engage in restrictions to the federal zone. Any one who attempts to do this is subject to a 20MDP fine for blocking free passage to the beach and public access ways.

The proposal is to block thru traffic with a check point, but this check point may not restrict transit or movement. So, it's for show until someone files a formal denuncia against the Delegation and whoever mans the checkpoint and wins in court.
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