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Author: Subject: Billions of dollars each month being sent to Mexico

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[*] posted on 7-20-2019 at 03:31 PM

Paranewbi, you don't fool me, and it's obvious you hate immigrants of any kind from the post below you wrote a few years ago, while you counted how many legal immigrants walked or drove into the US to work during the day and back home to Mexico during the night.

Just imagine if they were undocumented, you would have gone nuts!

Again, you stand there as a so-called good Christian, and not only turn a blinds eye on what's Trump's administration is doing to migrant children, but you encourage or justify by by claiming what the migrants were doing was illegal, and so they got what they deserved!

Paranewbi, if you're looking at pats from the back from me, you won't get one. If others here support you on "Baja Nomad" that's only because they think exactly like you and watch "Fox News."

So according to you Mexican immigrants provide no benefits at all when they work in the US? WRONG!

Quote: Originally posted by paranewbi  

"no, they come en mass to work for gringos for low wages" mtgoat666

They come here to gain a wage that is 4-6 times what they would be paid in their own country for the same work. As for your masses statement associated with somehow abused peoples, stand at the border on a weekday and count the masses that enter the US for those wages everyday and then return to Tijuana, Otay, and Tecate while calculating that it is worth every penny for those long lines and long days to take it back to their homes in Mexico and contribute nothing by paying property taxes, Durable goods taxes, food taxes or gas taxes as those of us who work AND live here do. Add in the cost of accomidating their entry by providing a massive border system and the crowded highway to get these NON-AGRICULTERAL workers to do the jobs 'we won't do'. Just sayin

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[*] posted on 7-21-2019 at 05:32 AM

Quote: Originally posted by paranewbi  
What JJJ doesn't see...from my website

50% of the price you pay for this book goes to production – 50% goes to Eva and the kids. Nothing to us.

The joy of that, goes to Mary and me.

I have no interest in reading you book, but if you send me contact info (IE how you get money to Eva,) I will send her the cost of the book - that way 100% will go directly to her and her family

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[*] posted on 7-21-2019 at 06:20 AM

Yahoo caj13!!
I send it via XOOM dot com (my PayPal account). The problem is that the cost of transmitting monies via XOOM is four dollars ninety-nine cents. With the nominal cost of a book you won't read... that's over thirty percent given to XOOM!

My wife and I now send Eva three hundred dollars a month whether there are any book sales or not. That means we only pay one point five percent for each transmission.
XOOM is actually one of the cheapest forms we have found but not to send nominal amounts.

Maybe my book would make good packing material or fish wrap?
Acknowledging your heartfelt offer... I will U2U Eva's information to you though.

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[*] posted on 7-21-2019 at 07:54 AM

Trump is a wanna-be dictator that foments racist us vs them identity politics. Don’t let trump and his people get carried away and create another genocide. Trump is on his way to adding to this list!

American Indians 1800s/1900s
Armenia 1915
The Holocaust
Cambodia 1970s
Rwanda 1990
Bosnia 1995
Darfur 2003
Trump 2019

Make America DECENT Again!


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[*] posted on 7-21-2019 at 04:11 PM
Genocide ?

While I take a backseat to none in my distaste for Trashy Trump and desire to see him dislodged from office (deceased or otherwise), whatever criticism that can be legitimately offered over his "Illegal Immigrants" approach, Genocide seems a bit beyond the pale.

It's a reach to think that his intent is to KILL them in total or (even) significant numbers. Although, it's probably true that he doesn't really care whether they croak as long as there's no negative impact on his numbers. His concern for humanity encompasses only one individual.
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[*] posted on 7-22-2019 at 09:22 AM

OH My GOD!!! it must be a cold day in hell...I actually agree with Mr.Bill

Mexico!! Where two can live as cheaply as one.....but it costs twice as much.....
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