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Author: Subject: Congrats to Joe Biden! Our relationship with and travel to Mexico will be changing!
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[*] posted on 12-2-2020 at 07:40 PM

John, You sincerely believe the things you post, you have a strong commitment to your liberal perspective, don't project your views on me or others.

Stand up for yourself, make your point, back it up, stand behind your words, it's time you own it.

If you believe in a fantom "new" virus threatening you and you need to sanitize your hands and feet, isolate, distance from others, wear face masks or face shields, gloves etc go for it, stay home.

Stand behind your beliefs, but don't project your liberal nonsense at others, have a back bone, be your own man.

You fail to understand the difference between the fact that COVID exists as flu yet isn't a high risk nor is it alleviated by draconian restrictions on mobility, or toxic hand wash and prophylactic face masks and gloves.

300k people died in the USA in a period where typically 300k people die per year, and those people are provisionally categorized as died WITH COVID, not FROM COVID, predominantly they were seniors 70-80+, people with 2-3 pre-existing illnesses, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, while miraculously common flu no longer exists, as well as a long list of other illnesses.

No significant change in total excess deaths year to year.

Apparently, CDC's reports are too nuanced for you to digest, nor do you care about destroying the lives of an entire generation of youth at no risk from COVID, because your are so self absorbed, you MIGHT catch the flu and be asymptomatic, your irrational fears trump everyone else's freedom to live their lives, go to work, school, or even to exercise, because "John' has an irrational fear he might catch a cold or flu he heard about on MSNBC TV.

You could care less about a generation of children deprived of having a birthday party, deprived of contact sports, school, mobility, socialization, while you deny an epidemic of global feminicide, or Mexico-USA human trafficking, slave labor and forced prostitution, so own it as your opinion, and back it up, you self absorbed, fantom virus obsessed, irrational senior Nomad!

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[*] posted on 12-3-2020 at 10:08 AM

You think "stay home" is the only alternative? What kind of ridiculous either/or is that? I'm on campus, masked, distanced, etc. every day. With students, also masked and distanced. What is the problem with following directions on mitigating a pandemic? Should we do absolutely nothing and just let the hospitals, ICUs, and other facilities just overflow to the point of collapse? Is that your solution?

You think these hospitalization numbers are normal annual occurences? Just the "flu" in a different form? Tell me, when's the last time you heard about the "flu" causing so many hospitalizations? Not that I ever recall.

How are youth's lives destroyed by wearing masks and social distancing. I have 30 students on campus with me every day. For Christ's sakes, this pandemic has only been 9 months so far, hardly enough time to ruin a child's future. I'm sure children can adapt, far better that you can, obviously. I see kids every day, and they are amazingly resilient. Unlike you.

There are 74 million children (0-18) in the USA. 1 million is 1.3% of that total. That would mean every year 39 kids from my high school population of 3000 would disappear. I can tell you after almost 20 years of teaching that has not, nor ever, occurred.

Maybe you should just "stay off the internet" since whatever sites you visit certainly have drained your ability to use "common sense."

There's lots of problems in the world, a bit hard to rank which one to crusade about. But, it appears you have many crusades. Good for you.

There's rampant feminicide (is that a real word?) in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Why don't we invade those countries and stop it? Oh, yeah, we did invade Afghanistan, and failed miserably.

At least you're not a Holocaust denier as well. Although I'm sure that's on the horizon.


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[*] posted on 12-3-2020 at 10:22 AM
What The Phantom Knew and the Gnu Knows

I remember reading "The Phantom" back in my preteen years.

There IS a comic-strip similarity between that and reading Gnutty Gnudisims here.
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