Join Me on a TOUR to the Missions and More: New date in April, 2016

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David K - 10-3-2015 at 08:19 PM

No, I don't buy seats. I was asked by Discover Baja to lead a tour to the missions, I have done this sort of thing before for casual group runs and piloting a van with Baja amigos. You may recall most recently I gave lectures at two Baja missions for Cameron Steele's TV special in 2014, that included a pair of helicopter rides of about 300 miles over Baja.

I don't know what a "color commentator" is. I am a Baja historian and published author with many articles on mission and other Baja history articles. Most recently for Baja Bound Insurance and for Discover Baja Travel Club. My co-author and I have done many free lectures for historic clubs that include a PowerPoint show, as well.

Here are some of my articles, you might actually enjoy them, but it's okay if you don't. Have a nice day.

This tour has been rescheduled for April 19-28, 2016. Plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements with work, school, etc. so you and your family can get the Baja tour of a lifetime! See so many sites in one trip! A very special treat for those who go, as the 4WD van will have only 6 to 9 guests allowing for a relaxed, personalized voyage of education and sight-seeing.

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