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Sharksbaja - 3-14-2005 at 03:17 PM

Originally posted by flyfishinPam
I've read through all the posts on this thread and through the negativity but one thing is for sure..

I am a business owner in Loreto and thanks to Loreto Bay we now have a direct flight from LAX by Alaska Air Lines.

Loreto would never have gotten this flight if it weren't for Loreto Bay. Since the first flight in late February 2005, my business has flourished as compared to previous years. Reservations are waaay up and most of the people are coming in on Alaska!

I'm not the only one either, all of my peers in business here have been seeing the exact same thing.

Loreto Bay has just started construction but the stimulus to the local economy is a very real thing! So already new jobs have been created in town because of this new development. I have even hired two new employees to keep up with the business.

I'm sorry to those who believe this project will be the demise of Loreto, but the people who live here need work and now work has been created for us. To those who complain, how many of you live in Loreto and rely on its local economy? None that I can tell.

You have illustarted my point with your post. We all know the upside to developing Loreto. Especially for the business owners and corporations that follow. The same happens in all expanding resort destinations.
What I've tried to expose here are ways in which an area can virtually change overnight and the who and how that happens. You also read, obviously, that Alaska partenered with the project developers. What worries me is what kind of agreement was made.
Because this project was blessed by Mexican Gov and huge Corps. as a tourist destination why do you not think that is not going to explode into another Los Cabos. That, my friend is exactly what they want and that is what a lot of us are afraid of.... and no, I don't live there but have enjoyed it very much in the past. I can also say I have spent money in Loreto that would contribute to their economy. Doesn't that count? Personally speaking, I like it the way it is/was.

Alaska Air

Cincodemayo - 3-14-2005 at 04:55 PM

Flights Twice weekly...Thursdays and Sundays.

terrybird - 3-14-2005 at 05:42 PM

And isn't this a great place to voice our opinions while gaining an education at the same time? Thanks for a great place to go, BajaNomad:D


p.s. It's 45 in the garage, spring is coming!

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Can't let some of these comments alone

flyfishinPam - 3-15-2005 at 10:25 AM

Thanks Cinco for the Alaska schedule. They are also planning to add another day and very pleased with the popularity of the new flights.

On less competition, oh please! El Fuerte operated two cruisers and I run pangas. Big difference and not the same product at all if you know anything about boats. I just prefer pangas to cruisers and tend to sell what I honestly enjoy more effectively. Nothing, absolutely nothing is better than being on a panga with a school of dorado at your feet when one of them whacks your fly. Especially if your husband is the captain and your two beautiful children are onboard enjoying at the same time.

Loreto won't be another Cabo any time soon. Anyone who understands the local politics will understand that. Verdad Skeet?

Again, I believe the project is benefiting the local economy and I'm sorry to dissappoint those against it that the local people want this. Were any of you here right after 9-11? No filghts, no work for months on end. I started raising chickens and veggies for food, diving for clams to feed my family. It was frightening but at least I have skills that could enable me to support my family if tourism were to completely dimininsh here. Most don't. I'm not whining about develpoment where you live and I;m not complaining that the kind of work you do is not to my liking, or opportunities that fall in your path are undeserved. We just have to take what we are given and work with it together.

This is all from me, as this seems to be beating a dead horse since those against will always be against and those for will be for. Honestly I change my mind about it almost on a daily basis but again realize that I need to play the cards that I am dealt.

Well now...

Cincodemayo - 3-15-2005 at 11:08 AM

Very well put Pam! If time allows and you are handy my wife and I will toodle around Loreto and look you up this weekend as we will be down looking at the project. Really want to see Loreto as it's been 24 years since the last visit.

Verdad Pam!

Skeet/Loreto - 3-15-2005 at 11:54 AM

Yes Pam: It will not be a "New Cabo" as the 7 Families who control the Area and the county will not allow it to happen.
At first Blush I was aganst the Loreto Bay villages. As it has developed their ideas are good and it will be good for the People of Loreto as "Trickle Down" economy works in Loreto.
It will remain much the same until the money being made at the villages starts demanding better Service.

My wife and I at one time would drive out to the airport and Watch all the Plane Loads of "White skinned Canadians", being brought in for the new El Presidente Hotel, Tennis court , and Golf course. The business side of the Hotel Failed, however it brought in some homes an attention to Loreto
I think that the fact that there are some good buys in the Town of Loreto is a shame that not many people are taking advantage.

If you want isolation, there are still many place left where you can get all the isolation yu want, but I am begining to think that most people want their Adventuring to be very comfortable.

Stay with it Pam! Good Luck in your Trials and tribulations!


Gracias Skeet

flyfishinPam - 3-15-2005 at 12:26 PM

You did know! but of course I knew you would. Those families in power seem to be both a pain and a blessing as probably most folks are anyway.

By the way your guy Miguel is a class act! Great English and very good guy too.

Seems like theres something for everyone here. Enclaves of extranjeros, local colonias. Depends who you are. Some need what Loreto Bay is selling others like me are happy among the locals in their colonias. Different strokes for different folks. Like Skeet says there are plenty of isolated places around here, you just need to get out and find them.

Families with power

Sharksbaja - 3-15-2005 at 01:10 PM

It is comforting to hear that growth may be controlled. I was not aware that so much was in the hands of so few. Hope it works out for all.

Viva Loreto!

Local Control

Skeet/Loreto - 3-15-2005 at 01:32 PM

If you look back into the last 40 years you can get the Idea of control.
The Davis Family that of Gloria Davis Benzger have controlled most of the Ranchin and lan for many Miles. Her father also controled the fishing{Commercial}.
So many people have been involved and supported by these familes that Several attempts in the past have shown that Loreto prefers to be Known as a Conservative type Culture..

For many years the Flying Sams where not allowed to operate in Baja Sur.
they preferred to take care of their own in their Ways.
Yo have to know. that this is the Last and Newest State of Mexico, that the County of Loreto is only a few years old
This is also the Home to the Mother of Calif. Missions, that is very important to the church in Rome.

Remember the Story of the People of Loreto closing down the road and when the Gov. came up to talk to them they all turned their Backs. They got his Attention!
another time during the building of the Hotel at Nopollo the Hotos had come into town and were spreading Disease amont the workers. they were id'd and given 48 hours to Depart.

After the Road was finished the People of the town burned down the Cathouse.

A very powerful, and still powerful Man opened a new Cathouse with Medical Inspections each Week.

When the Bell from the Old Mission wqas found and taken to La Paz, the people demaned it be brought back, closed the road until its return.

What I am trying to get across is that their are some strong willed People in Loreto, rich and Poor.

I miss them very much!


Somewhere a bulldog....

azusa_bob - 3-15-2005 at 01:51 PM

Originally posted by Cincodemayo
Is this the Real Estate tycoon himself?
is running around with no arse!! :lol::lol::moon::moon:

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Cincodemayo - 3-15-2005 at 02:15 PM

Almost sounds as if Loreto has been the scene of many Clint Eastwood movies.
I read in the Loreto history book that there were many school children downtown when the president visited and the Malecon was crumbling and dangerous to walk on. One of the school kids asked why the Mexican govt. wasn't rebuilding it and it was totally rebuilt not far after that....good for the kids!

Solidarity in Loreto

Sharksbaja - 3-15-2005 at 02:41 PM

Wow, that is serious pride! That is what the world needs more of. Unfortunately, probably what worries some of us most... the uncertainties associated with big biz. The Loreto people have obviously confronted big issues face to face, and not thru some political or governmental chain. Bravo! It is that specific type of action that turns heads and helps 'cut to the chase'. My hope is that pride and concerted opinion backed-up with real show of solidarity and their resilience may very well keep the huge interests at bay. Loreto will hopefully stand the strength of time and succeed where others have failed.

there goes Loreto??

Sharksbaja - 4-7-2005 at 12:02 PM

Friend of Baja wrote:

"Those naysayers and blind critics on this board should embrace this development and support its cause, for the alternative is another Cabo and it nearly happened. Make no mistake, development will occur, the Mexicans want it as does the town of Loreto. Can we do it with respect for every life form that is currently there, the plan says yes, the execution requires trust and patience. I have a good measure of both"
Originally posted by Phil S
Yesturday I attended a meeting in Nopolo sponsored by Loreto Bay for the homeowners already here. David Butterfield & Jim Grogan were there. They introduced a Mexican gentleman, name I can't remember. He talked about what is happening on the whole of Baja. In our area of Loreto, he said that large parcels of land are being bought and gave as an example as Nopolo. Then a development just north of Skeets old place that will include a marina sometime for their development, that probably has 15 homes built already, and several in construction. He then referred to another very large parcel north of that from the highway down to the beaches. Then said that another large parcel known as San Bruno further north has been sold recently, and development is coming, as the Canadian & American retirees are looking for "in the sun" locations to relocate, or at least have winter homes. So lizard lips, it just isn't Ensenada that's growing also. Maybe San Javier will be saved from this, or maybe Comondu. That might be where you'll have to end up moving, and others like you who feel the same. But then if you and others move there, what will happen to their towns then? Their talk is impressive regarding sewage & water consumption and retension. Extensive review has been done to capture some of the mountain streams into water holding projects to be sent to the Loreto area. I'm impressed with the extensive research they have done so far, including the preservation of "natural habitat". So "sustainable living" if it is done right hopefully for all this increased construction, won't impact the environment as much as using the LA area mentality of construction. And Im convinced this group of Loreto Bay has the right intentions.

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new neighbors?
who really thought the developments would stop Loreto Bay...the developers are counting on and playing up the fact that they are first on the they know something we dont? Probably. Why would anyone think otherwise. Dam up the streams. Surely you jest. It's called the domino effect. Only in this case they fall upward. I think I can figure out their intentions. Aint rocket science. Its called capitalism.

Land over Yonder, ship ashore...

SO - 4-7-2005 at 03:08 PM

Enjoy being silent for a change over the past few days.

How to be Nicer to myself to restore my gift to myself, my Gift of Silence, and oh how I SO much enjoyed the silence I found myself in the past few days as it reminds of my times in Baja California, and the many days with the balance of my experience being self-directed and in silence to avoid my own non-self awareness noise, CNN, CBC, ABC, WWW, arguments over land, SO I always go back to the basics, to get away from my noise, to be in nature, the wonderful land of golden silence.

Silence in nature in the land of plenty. I have it here too in my hunk of heaven in BC Canada. Just had to go to Baja to learn about it.

I do enjoy to read and learn and this is a very interesting thread from which I can learn from many BN and the locals real baja nomads I hope, to avoid my own individual investment mistake I made for myself in Paamul Quintana Roo Mexico in 2000-2001 - 2002 that caused myself so much noise. Or was it a mistake, SO? Or a very valuable life lesson? Now that makes me wonder? SO, I'll learn what I can from this thread, try my best to be silent, and flip it on it's side and look at it another way. Can I put a teepee up on crown land in Baja California? Y N? BNs? Locals? Hito? spelling?

Reflecting on my experience, I find myself deferring to a more knowledgable mentors source, many more knowledgable BNs, and also one of my mentors, Canadian entrepreneur Peter Thomas of Century 21 fame, and I should do well to consider the following words from Peter, when it comes to land debates , and how it can affect my possible interaction and communication with others on public threads so I can be silent more often to gift myself more.

"Never fight with a pig. You get dirty and the pig likes it."

Even though my uncle Roland gave me considerable good advice, "Invest in Land Young Man, they are not making any more of it."

I also learned that he learned from his mentor, and made bags of money (SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA, Silicon Valley, Land? Old orchards, and nobody wanted the land SO he bought it over time. 40 years, $12 a month for this, $19 for that. Value? Can't even imagine and don't want to anymore), SO I wonder and wander, as I can't remember who said this to me to help me learn to alternative, "Even though you pay for land, SO, you will never really own it outright, as it will always go back to it's original owner, or the owners ancestors will remind you of such if you let your ego wander. So I keep this in mind before I make another costly decision(s) again. And ask myself, at least 4 times, "Why do you want to own this land? WWWW and How is going to change your life for the better, and will it change it really change it for the better? SO?

"I will go back to my gift to myself, and defer to more knowledgable Nomads, SO, I will now only come back and read, digest and I will learn before I put any structure on any land that I don not really have to outright right to really own and pas down forever. I'll do my best to just be aware; aware who really owns the land; and try to be happy on the land, to be safe and smile and laugh with te original owners and their decendents, if they will allow me just be silent with my smile source. Oh how they have done this for me, in Baja, and they are my true silent friends. They really enjoy magic too. Baja California, a land of many diverse people, come see come saw, past, present, future, and those who have learned, and know more about sharing, and how it is a real smile of life source to bring many smiles, are the ones to learn from for me to find my gift to myself."

SO :coolup: :o :cool: :?:
(just in case anyone wants to know who SO is on BN)

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For you my neuve BN friend Sharksbaja. A little gift if you SO choose...

SO - 4-7-2005 at 03:22 PM

spelling of new?


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or this gift, and I can and will make it smaller to fit...

SO - 4-7-2005 at 03:23 PM

or thousands of others that can be modified...

SO - 4-7-2005 at 03:30 PM

they were made many years ago and I had them made to simplify messages to a few pictures that are animated to tell a story...

My many library source items... available from me to you. or other BN.

Size, timing, frames, can all be changed. ???? Choices choices, so many choices.

Let me know what you would like and pooof it can and will be. But your choice not mine? and maybe you are already smiling at your own BN avatar?


My own noise today in the symbol below. Now it's time for my own gift to me.

Take care, have a nice day.

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it did have a familiar ring to it......

Sharksbaja - 4-7-2005 at 04:39 PM

SO he is also a mind reader!:o

SO - 4-8-2005 at 04:25 AM

Doug will be changing my screen name for me to reflect the new screen name of RandyMacSC/SO (one name per Baja Nomad, as I do not expect and nor should I be given any special treatment, as I am only one Slightly Offcenter kind of guy with too many personal and business projects on the go now that my 5 years self imposed blissful most of the time retirement is up by my choice.

Now I must get around to making changes to the little animated GIFs I posted under the So name, to a finite loop rate to not cause any grief to Baja Nomads, as they can chew up CPU time cycles.

The new UI that Doug has made available to BNs is very powerful and I like the changes alot, as they allow for more flexibility to self manage content posted thru the awesome new features.

But before I change or delete the animated GIFS on this thread, I must get some sleep.


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